What Are the Best Tips for Grooming a Pomeranian?

Madeleine A.

The best tips for grooming a Pomeranian include brushing its topcoat and undercoat daily and using a professional dog dryer to maintain the fluffiness of the coat. The dense coat of the Pomeranian can tangle very quickly, causing irritation to the delicate skin. Using a steel comb will prevent matting and keep the fur looking soft and cottony. Also, when grooming a Pomeranian, some owners favor a well-clipped look, while others prefer the traditional fluffy look.

Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.
Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.

The Pomeranian needs to be bathed every few weeks and when it gets dirty. A dog shampoo rich in moisturizers should be used to keep the delicate skin soft and supple. Human shampoo is too harsh for this breed and may even cause skin irritation, dryness, and itching. Conditioner should also be used after the bath to ensure that the coat stays soft and tangle free.

Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.
Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.

When grooming a Pomeranian, it is important that the nails be trimmed on a monthly basis. The clippers used should be very small, and if the owner is anxious about clipping its nails, a dog groomer should clip them. Since the pads of the paws and the nail quick are very vascular, even the slightest abrasion can cause an alarming episode of bleeding. Therefore, clipping the nails of a Pomeranian might better be left to a professional.

Grooming a Pomeranian should also include brushing its teeth because this breed is especially at risk for developing cavities. A dog toothpaste containing enzymes should be used because it inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth. Also, when grooming a Pomeranian, care must be taken to gently wash the eye area since this breed is prone to developing tear stains. The eye area should be gently cleansed with warm water or a commercial tear cleanser. Soap should never be used near the eyes because it can cause severe irritation.

To keep the Pomeranian's coat looking voluminous and thick, the fur should be blow dried by holding small sections in an upright position. If the fur is dried with the grain, the coat will look flat. Since the coat of the Pomeranian is so dense, it can easily become matted. When matting is severe, experts often recommended shaving the dog instead of trying to separate the tangles. Improperly removing a tangle can result in nicking the skin, which may lead to an infection. If this occurs the dog needs to be taken to a veterinarian who can assess the wound and suggest an appropriate treatment.

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