What Are the Best Tips for Grooming a Cocker Spaniel?

Amber Eberle

Cocker spaniels are a popular breed of dog that have a thick fur coat that consists of both an under coat and outer coat. Regular grooming is an important part of owning this breed. The dog can visit a professional groomer or this maintenance can take place at home. Maintaining a cocker spaniel's fur mainly consists of combing, bathing, and trimming the pet's coat.

Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.
Electronic clippers may be used to trim a dog's fur.

Grooming a cocker spaniel is easiest when the proper tools are used. These generally include hair clippers, scissors, a steel comb, and a slicker brush. The necessary items can be usually purchased at a pet supply store.

Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.
Pet nail clippers may be used to clip a dog's nails.

The thick nature of a cocker spaniel's coat typically requires regular grooming. It is essential to begin grooming a cocker spaniel when it is a young puppy. Early grooming can help ensure that the pet is comfortable being combed, bathed, and trimmed. Small amounts of fur should be cut from the puppy's ears and paws so it is used to having these sensitive areas handled. A puppy that does not become stressed while being groomed will usually grow into a dog that behaves well during grooming sessions.

The fur of a cocker spaniel is prone to matting and tangling. Daily combing and brushing will generally prevent the coat from becoming knotted. Most people brush the top layer of a dog's fur and forget about the under coat. Both the outer and under coats must be carefully combed until the fur is free of all tangles.

Baths should be given on a regular basis when caring for and and grooming a cocker spaniel, but not too often or the essential oils of the skin will be stripped away. When bathing a pet of this type, it is important to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for dogs. Using human bathing products can lead to irritation of the dog's skin.

A cocker spaniel can have several different hair cuts or styles. An animal that participates in dog shows generally requires a long coat that brushes the floor. Most pet owners find that caring for this breed is much easier when its fur is kept cut short, however. Such trimming is usually done with clippers and scissors.

Grooming a cocker spaniel is typically done about every eight weeks. Neglecting such care can lead to problems of the fur and skin. When grooming a cocker spaniel, it is important not to forget to brush the dog's teeth, trim its nails, and clean inside the dog's ears to ensure optimum health and .

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I used to consider always the breed in terms of knowing the dog grooming routines I want to do. Though it helps, I found out that it still depends on how the breed was raised. The preferences of each breed change, so you have to be careful and be more considerate on the likes of your pets to know what grooming system to do.

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