What Are the Best Tips for Grilling Strip Steak?

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When it comes to grilling strip steak, someone should typically consider the three basic stages of the cooking process. The steak should be removed from a refrigerator about 45 minutes prior to grilling, when it can be salted or marinated depending on the griller’s tastes. During grilling, the steak should be rotated once on each side to create a diamond pattern of grill marks and should be flipped as few times as possible. After grilling strip steak, it should be allowed to rest so that its juices redistribute properly, and should be tested for doneness without piercing it.

Grilling strip steak is not necessarily difficult, but certain procedures can be followed to better ensure optimal results. The grill used should be brought to fairly high heat, so that the steak cooks quickly to reduce the chance for it to dry out. The strip steak should also be removed from refrigeration around 45 minutes prior to cooking. This allows it to come up to room temperature so that the meat can cook more evenly both internally and externally.


Preparation of the steak prior to grilling can be done in a number of different ways, depending on personal preference. Someone should at least consider using salt and pepper on the meat before grilling strip steak. The salt helps form a crust during grilling and the pepper adds flavor. Marinades can also be used, though it should be mostly wiped off prior to grilling, to allow the steak to form a crust and to avoid flare ups that can burn the meat.

While someone is grilling strip steak, the meat can be placed on the grill using tongs, not a fork, to avoid piercing the meat. It should be rotated about 30 degrees after cooking for several minutes on one side. This creates a diamond pattern of grill marks on the meat, which adds a nice texture and visual appeal. The steak should be allowed to cook halfway before flipping it over, so that it is only flipped once, and should be rotated once on the other side for additional grill marks.

As someone finishes grilling strip steak, he or she should try to check the doneness of the meat without piercing or cutting it. This is often done by someone gently pushing the top of the meat with a finger. If this leaves an indentation on the meat, then it is likely rare. Steak that is cooked to medium doneness gives under pressure, but does not retain an indent. Well done steak feels firmer and has very little give.

Once someone finishes grilling strip steak, it should be removed from the grill and allowed to rest. This is often done by placing it onto a serving platter and tenting foil over it to keep it hot. Resting for about five minutes allows the juices within the meat to redistribute evenly after cooking. This ensures that the juices are not all lost when the steak is cut.


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