What are the Best Tips for Gold Embossing?

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In order to have great results with gold embossing, it is important to follow some basic steps. The most important of these includes performing the embossing on a stable work surface. In addition, it is essential that the surface of the product that is to be embossed is thoroughly moistened. Finally, be sure to position the embossing stamps properly and use the right type of gold leather dye for best results with this project.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when performing gold embossing is to use a hard, stable work surface on which to perform the craft. Without a good work surface, it can be very difficult to obtain the adequate amount of force while using the embossing tools. If a sturdy work surface such as a table, desk, or other similar piece of furniture is not available, consider moving the equipment to the floor and performing the craft there.


Another great tip to follow in order to achieve optimal results while gold embossing it to ensure that the product that is being embossed has been moistened to the correct degree. Typically, gold embossing is done on journal, diary, and other leather-bound book covers. If the leather of the cover of these items is not thoroughly moistened, the embossing will be far more difficult. For best results, a clean cloth should be moistened in warm water. The surface of the item to be embossed is then rubbed with the wet cloth, ensuring that all surfaces have been dampened. Finally, a dry cloth is used to remove any excess moisture.

Next, the embossing stamps should be carefully positioned in order to get optimal results during gold embossing. The embossing stamps should be placed face side down on the item that is being embossed, being sure that the distance between each stamp is carefully measured if using several individual letters or numbers. Once the embossing stamps have been struck with the mallet, they are permanent. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the position of the stamps correctly before a final decision is made.

Finally, for best results when gold embossing, it is important to select the proper kind of dye. Most often, gold embossing is done with gold leather dye. This can typically be found at most arts and craft stores, as well as specialty book stores. In addition, this dye can sometimes be found on online craft retailers. Another resource is with book binding professionals. They should be able to offer guidance on finding the proper equipment.


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