What Are the Best Tips for Getting Pedicures When Pregnant?

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Getting pedicures when pregnant can make an expectant mother feel relaxed and beautiful, but there are certain precautions that should be taken first. Massages should be performed by trained pedicure professionals so that this reflexology does not trigger blood clots or premature contractions. It is also helpful if professional pedicures are given in well-ventilated areas using polish that does not contain formaldehyde or toluene. Women should also make sure the equipment is completely sterilized in order to prevent foot infections.

Massages are often given as part of a professional pedicure, and this may include the feet, ankles, and calves. As a result, pedicures when pregnant can help ease the aching or swollen feet often associated with this time. Even though a pedicure may relieve this foot pain, it can be harmful if not administered properly. Massages that include part of the ankle may cause a woman in her third trimester to experience premature labor pains, while massaging the calves could cause blood clots to rupture. It is best if a foot massage is given by a professional who is trained in pregnancy massage, but if this is not possible, the ankles and calves should be avoided.


Pedicures when pregnant can be harmful if certain types of polish are used. Before having a pedicure, an expectant mother should check to see what ingredients the toenail polish contains. Those that have toluene or formaldehyde should be avoided during pregnancy, as these toxins can be harmful to the fetus. Even if the polish does not contain these ingredients, there may still be excessive fumes. For this reason, a pedicure during pregnancy should be done in a well-ventilated room or the woman should be given a mask in order to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals.

Foot infections can be especially troublesome for pregnant women, so extra precautions should be taken. Pedicures while pregnant should only be given by trained professionals who have thoroughly sterilized their equipment. It is also very important for the pedicure room to be clean and dry in order to avoid spreading bacteria, which could cause an infection.

Having a pedicure during pregnancy can help a woman feel good while relieving tired muscles. Still, safety for both the mother and the child is paramount. With proper planning, women can have pedicures when pregnant whether they are in the early stages of pregnancy or close to their delivery date.


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