What Are the Best Tips for Getting Overseas Paramedic Jobs?

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Emergency medical workers interested in combining work with the adventure of living in a foreign country may wish to consider overseas paramedic jobs. A few tips can help simplify the process of finding overseas paramedic jobs. First of all, overseas paramedics generally need to be licensed, to have experience in the field, and to pass a background check. Those who meet these basic requirements may find that using a recruiting agency is the most efficient way to land overseas paramedic jobs. Finally, it can be helpful to learn about the culture and language of the country in which an assignment is based prior to arrival.

Before beginning the search for overseas paramedic jobs, candidates should understand that these jobs are generally open only to those who are already licensed paramedics. Consequently, those who have not yet completed a paramedic training program will need to do so prior to applying for an overseas job. Furthermore, many overseas employers consider applications only from those who have two or more years of experience working as a paramedic. Additionally, employers generally hire only candidates who pass a background check. Therefore, those who have had serious legal trouble in the past may find it difficult to land overseas paramedic work.


Paramedics who satisfy all of these prerequisites should consider enlisting the services of a reputable overseas medical recruitment agency. While they often charge a commission, these agencies may be able to connect paramedics with job opportunities that they would not otherwise have access to. Further, an agency can simplify the process of moving abroad by helping job candidates secure a visa when necessary, providing advice about immunizations, arranging insurance and housing, and even booking plane tickets.

Whether they have worked with an agency or navigated the job search on their own, those who have managed to land overseas paramedic jobs will likely find it extremely useful to familiarize themselves with the culture and language of their new home before they arrive. Living and working in a foreign country can lead to culture shock and homesickness, particularly among those who have little or no prior knowledge of that country’s people and customs. Taking a beginners’ language class or reading a few travel guidebooks can help ward off these unpleasant feelings by giving paramedics a sense of what to expect from their new surroundings.


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