What Are the Best Tips for Getting Motorcycle Apprenticeships?

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Motorcycle apprenticeships are job positions in which an employee will work under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced motorcycle mechanic in order to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the field. Obtaining motorcycle apprenticeships can be a tough process if the candidate has little or no experience, but it is not impossible. The best way to prepare for such a position is to take part in any mechanic training available, such as high school shop classes or classes at community colleges. Some schools offer motorcycle maintenance classes, though the candidate should be careful to choose a relevant and respected program that is not too expensive.

No specific level of education is usually necessary to obtain motorcycle apprenticeships, though math and science skills will be necessary, as will basic communication skills, so a high school education is preferred. If the candidate has no prior experience, the best way to go about getting motorcycle apprenticeships is to learn as much as possible about motorcycles ahead of time and develop a passion for them. Whenever possible, working on a motorcycle at home to learn the basics is a good way to increase the likelihood of securing a position.


Motorcycle apprenticeships are usually offered by motorcycle manufacturers or repair facilities, so preparing a resume to drop off at these locations is the best way to be considered for a position. Be sure to do a bit of research into the qualifications the companies are seeking from potential apprentices and tailor your resume to include these items if applicable. Fill out any paperwork such as applications as soon as possible, taking note of any deadlines. Remember that it may take more than one round of applications until the candidate is accepted to a program, as positions can be competitive.

Of course, you can simply visit a motorcycle repair or sales shop and ask about motorcycle apprenticeships. Many businesses will hire dedicated people regardless of their ability levels, though the candidate will likely start in an entry level or volunteer position with little responsibility. This may be a difficult time for the employee, but it is also a valuable time in which he or she can glean knowledge from experienced mechanics and other motorcycle professionals. If the employee exhibits a willingness to work hard and learn new skills, he or she will likely have the opportunity to be considered for an apprenticeship.


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