What Are the Best Tips for Getting Computer Apprenticeships?

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The best way to obtain a computer apprenticeship is to consistently learn about the variety of technologies that are present within the marketplace and actively pursue some level of formal education and technical certifications prior to applying for an apprenticeship. Computer apprenticeships are a great way to gain on the job training and learn how to implement technological solutions in real world applications. Most computer apprenticeships are administered through local colleges and universities and on some occasions, local high schools. The purpose of the apprenticeship is to prepare students for careers as a computer programmer, technician, or network administrator.

One of the best ways to obtain a computer apprenticeship is by contacting local schools and universities and inquiring about any potential apprenticeships that may be available. In addition to contacting local schools, it is advisable that anyone looking for computer apprenticeships be proactive and begin to take classes revolving around popular technologies. This will help one position oneself as a serious candidate who has already taken the initiative to acquire education prior to applying for an apprenticeship.


If classes are not a viable solution, one could attempt to acquire entry-level certifications before applying to a variety of computer apprenticeships. There are numerous certifications that one could obtain with minimal experience and several weeks of diligent study. Acquiring a certification would give a candidate an extra advantage in obtaining an apprenticeship. Certifications are available in a variety of technical specialties, including those revolving around becoming a computer technician, programmer, or network administrator.

It is always advisable that candidates seeking computer apprenticeships conduct a through review of their resume. A resume is the physical representation of the education, experience, and credentials of a person and will be used in determining which candidates are accepted into the apprenticeship program. Candidates should always update and review their resume before applying to computer apprenticeships to ensure that this document presents them in the best possible manner.

Proactive candidates should always be looking for ways to position themselves favorably. This can be accomplished by volunteering for a charity or other extracurricular activities. In addition to volunteering, candidates should use social media and social networking websites in order to network with the individuals in charge of accepting candidates into computer apprenticeships. This method can be a simple way to meet decision makers and more importantly express one's interest in obtaining an apprenticeship.


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