What Are the Best Tips for Genital Depilation?

Genital depilation, or removal of the pubic hair, can be accomplished temporarily with several different techniques such as shaving, waxing, epilating, and using hair removal creams. More permanent, or at least longer-lasting, solutions include electrolysis and laser hair removal. Which method is best for a particular individual depends on his or her pain tolerance, the cost of the procedure, and how long he or she wants the effect to last before the hair grows back and must be removed again. Additionally, some genital depilation methods should only be used to remove hair along the bikini line instead of all of the hair in the pubic region, while other methods can more safely accomplish complete hair removal.

Of the various methods for genital depilation, shaving the hair off with an electric razor is one of the safest ways to completely remove hair in the pubic area. This can also be done with a regular razor, but care must be taken to avoid cutting loose skin accidentally. Razor burn can also be an issue when shaving the genital area, but this can be minimized by using a large amount of shaving cream or other shaving lubricant and reapplying it regularly. Trimming the hair with scissors or an electric shaver before shaving it off completely can greatly reduce the number of passes the razor will need to remove all of the hair, which will also minimize irritation.

Epilating, waxing, and hair removal creams all remove hair from the roots, and typically keep the treated area hairless for longer than shaving. When using epilating or waxing for genital depilation, take care to pull the skin very taut to avoid injury. Having these procedures done in a salon the first couple of times may help thin out the existing hair to make home treatments easier. To make the process more comfortable, some people use heat or ice cubes on the skin before waxing or epilating, and then apply a soothing cream after hair removal is complete to reduce lingering pain.

Hair removal cream, with very few exceptions, should never be used to completely remove all of the pubic hair. While many people use creams for hair removal along the bikini like, complete genital depilation would require applying the cream to the more sensitive parts of the genitals, which can cause severe irritation. Using creams around the bikini line and then switching to another method for the rest of the pubic hair is a common solution for individuals who prefer using hair removal creams.

While home laser hair removal and electrolysis kits appeal to some people, these techniques are much more safely and easily completed at a salon or hair removal clinic, especially when using them for genital depilation rather than depilation on the legs and other more easily accessible areas. Accidental burns and discoloration of the skin are two possible side effects of these more permanent solutions. Those risks, combined with the significant cost of having the procedures done, often cause individuals to turn to the more temporary techniques.

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@Phaedrus- I understand what you went through very well. I decided I was someone who felt cleaner without body hair. I was on my school's swim team, and the coach encouraged us to shave off our leg, arm and chest hairs in order to reduce drag in the water. I decided to go all the way with that idea, so I shaved off my pubic hair, too. I used scissors to remove most of it, then an electric razor to get the rest down to stubble. I didn't try for a completely smooth effect.

Other than having to shave that area whenever I shower, I really don't have a problem with genital depilation. My wife feels the same way, so we have been known to help each other out when the time comes. It's a married thing, I guess. I'm seriously considering professional electrolysis, because I'm getting tired of using a razor every three or four days.

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I tried genital depilation one time when I was a teen, and that was enough for me. I used an electric beard/mustache trimmer to remove most of the obvious pubic hair, then a safety razor and lots of shaving cream to remove the rest of the stubble. I'm not even sure why I did it. I guess it was just an impulsive experiment a lot of teens try.

I liked the results for about a day, then the hair started to grow back. I probably could have shaved it off again and maintained that look, but I decided I wasn't really that kind of person who shaves off body hair. I like having a hairy chest and arms. The itching was unbearable for about a week, and it was embarrassing to try to find ways to relieve it while at school. Once it all grew back, I vowed never to try genital depilation again.

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