What Are the Best Tips for Freezing Buttermilk?

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Many times, a cook will only use a small amount of buttermilk in a recipe, and the rest of the container will go bad. Freezing buttermilk that is left over will often keep it from spoiling for a time. Although the buttermilk can be frozen in its original container, it is usually easier to freeze it in pre-measured amounts. After it has been thawed, buttermilk should be shaken before it is used.

An open container of buttermilk will usually spoil very quickly. Sometimes, it will go bad within a week of being opened. Freezing buttermilk will often extend the life of buttermilk to a few months.

Buttermilk often comes in plastic or cardboard containers. An open container of buttermilk can either be capped or taped shut and put in a freezer. Some individuals may choose to buy a few cartons of buttermilk when it is on sale and freeze them.

Freezing buttermilk in pre-measured amounts, however, often makes it much easier to use, and one does not need to thaw a large amount of buttermilk to make a recipe. To do this, a certain amount of buttermilk can be measured out and poured into a plastic bag. The bag can then be sealed and placed in the freezer.


Many individuals freeze buttermilk in 1-cup (240 milliliter) amounts. Buttermilk can also be frozen in ice cube trays. Depending on the tray, each cube compartment will typically hold about 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) of liquid. After the cubes are frozen, they can be stored in a large plastic bag.

If an individual only uses buttermilk for one recipe, the amount of buttermilk needed for that recipe can be frozen. Doing this can make it much easier to make a recipe after freezing buttermilk. For example, if a buttermilk pancakes recipe calls for 1.25 cups (300 milliliters) of buttermilk, this amount can be frozen in several bags.

Plastic zipper bags are commonly used when freezing buttermilk. Some of these bags have spots that consumers can write on. Individuals who are freezing buttermilk are strongly encouraged to write the date that the buttermilk was frozen on the bag. This should be done with a permanent marker, so it does not rub off while the bag is in the freezer.

To thaw frozen buttermilk, it should be put in the refrigerator for several hours. Submerging the bag with frozen buttermilk in a bowl of warm water, however, will help it thaw more quickly. Since freezing buttermilk will often cause it to separate, it should be put in a sealed jar and shaken before using.


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