What Are the Best Tips for Forklift Rental?

Dan Cavallari

The most important consideration when choosing the best forklift rental unit is the weight of the objects the lift will be required to pick up and move. The person doing the renting will need to have a fairly accurate idea of how much weight will be moved at one time, and this information can often be gleaned from manufacturer's specifications or through other measuring methods. A company that does forklift rental will ask for this information first and foremost and may not rent to a customer if he or she does not have this information.

Weight of the objects to be lifted is the biggest consideration when choosing the best forklift to rent.
Weight of the objects to be lifted is the biggest consideration when choosing the best forklift to rent.

The other important consideration for forklift rental is the height at which the forklift will be required to lift objects. This measurement can often be taken quite easily, and it is important to know the height as accurately as possible so the rental company can determine what size of lift will be necessary. Choosing a lift that is too small either for the height required or the weight being lifted can lead to potentially dangerous or deadly situations resulting from the lift tipping over or the driver of the lift losing control of the unit. Provide the rental company with as much information as possible so the correct forklift rental unit is acquired.

Consider where the forklift will be used. This may help determine what type of tires are included on the forklift rental. Cushion tires are often solid rubber and are most commonly used in indoor settings or settings that include hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Pneumatic tires that are filled with air are more commonly used over varied terrain such as dirt, hillsides, rocks, and so on. The forklift rental company will help the customer make the best determination according to the conditions in which the lift will operate.

Be sure to consider how the forklift will be transported to a job site. These units must be transported by truck and must be loaded and unloaded carefully, usually by a professional. Be sure to inquire with the rental company whether they offer delivery services of the rental unit, and at what cost. This delivery service will be well worth the cost unless the customer has the professional equipment necessary to transport the lift already.

Cost is a primary concern when renting a forklift. Be sure to research the hourly or daily costs, as well as surcharges, late fees, damage fees, and any other fees a rental company may charge to protect the equipment. Check with more than one rental company to find the best price and best equipment.

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