What Are the Best Tips for following the Danish Diet?

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People interested in losing significant amounts of weight in a short time may want to try the Danish diet, and the following tips can help. The types of food allowed on the diet are very specific, and the plan must be strictly followed, so dieters should purchase exactly what they need and have it available. Due to the extremely low number of calories people on the diet are allowed each day, they may want to adopt strategies to conserve energy and stave off hunger to keep on track. Since the Danish diet is only designed to last 13 days and is not sustainable long term, dieters should have a long-term plan to follow once the diet ends that will help them maintain their weight loss. It is also recommended that those who wish to try it consult a doctor or dietician first to ensure it is safe.

The Danish diet involves following a plan that outlines the specific foods allowed at each meal. While the foods allowed are quite varied, including meat, vegetables, and yogurt, the portions are controlled and must be eaten as directed, with no substitutions allowed. Even a small deviation from the plan is considered unacceptable, and it is recommended that if this happens, dieters should not try it again for several months. Given these restrictions, it is important for one to have all of the necessary foods available so the plan can be followed rigorously.


Extreme calorie restriction is central to the Danish diet, making it hard to follow, so followers may need ways to cope. Drinking plenty of water can help one feel full while avoiding extra calories. Dieters may also wish to limit their physical activity and conserve energy during this time.

While people can lose up to 26 pounds on the Danish diet, it is only a short-term solution. To keep off any weight lost, they should have a long-term strategy for when it ends. This should typically include lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Due to the extreme nature of the Danish diet, people interested in trying it may want to speak to their physician or dietician before starting. These professionals may be able to offer advice on how to follow it safely and effectively. A doctor can also help a patient determine if he or she has any medical conditions that would make it unsafe.


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