What are the Best Tips for Finding Traveling Companions?

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Traveling is often such an adventure, many people want to add to it by throwing in a new traveling companion. On a solo trip, it can be a great solace to have a new acquaintance, old friend, or even whole groups of people to share the sights and wonders. There are many different ways to find a traveling companions, including through websites, genealogical societies, and even old fashioned personal connections.

The Internet is a fantastic place to find traveling companions. Entire websites are devoted to hooking up solo travelers with other adventurers with a similar itinerary. For those a little nervous about spending time with a stranger, consider booking a group tour that allows a host of solo adventurers to meet one another. It is important to exercise basic precautions when finding traveling companions online; while a great many people are honest and aboveboard with their intentions, this can be an opportunities for fraudsters and con artists. Do not give any personal information, such as bank account numbers or home address, to potential traveling companions who are unknown.


Those planning a trip to an ancestral homeland may have an unusual opportunity to find traveling companions. Genealogy websites are an incredible way to trace family connections back for generations, and in turn provide modern-day connections to cousins and other family members with a similar interest in family history. Imagine visiting Ireland and meeting up with a team of second cousins, or taking in the wilds of Sydney with a twice-removed aunt. Long-lost families often plan reciprocal trips to each other's homes, to see where another branch of the family ended up and to share old memories and new experiences.

It's not necessary to go reaching into the far distance of the family to find traveling companions. Consider turning a solo trip into a bonding experience by asking a sibling, cousin, or friend to join in. This can be a great way to draw a friendship closer, and make memories that can be shared for a lifetime to come. It may be surprising how many people are willing to leave the nest for an adventure; for some, it may be the first opportunity for a trip in years. When making friends and relatives into traveling companions, be sure that relations are strong enough to avoid fights and drama while on the trip. It may also be a good idea to have a frank talk about budget and plans, so that everyone is on the same page.

Language classes and culture appreciation groups can also be a good place to find traveling companions. Finishing off a semester of Japanese language by hiking mount Fuji, or learning to truly appreciating Italian cuisine by dining in the Piazza Navona may be an amazing experience for all involved. Consider speaking to the instructor about setting up fund raisers for a class vacation, or find a few choice companions and make a pact to visit a certain location after reaching the expert level in a language.


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