What are the Best Tips for Filling out an Immigration Application?

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The best tips for filling out an an immigration application are to be completely honest and to follow all instructions carefully. Filling out immigration forms can be complicated, but being straight-forward and meticulous throughout the process can ensure that it goes smoothly. While the process of applying for immigration may differ greatly between countries, there are few basic tips that are appropriate for all applications.

Honesty is the most crucial aspect of filling out an immigration application. Lying on an immigration form is a serious offense in most countries, and can lead to prosecution and deportation.

The other important element in filling out an immigration application is to meticulously follow all of the instructions on the application. Each country has its own process for applying for immigration, and it is important to carefully complete all of the necessary paperwork. The applicant should include all necessary paperwork when initially filing the application to ensure that the process is not delayed.

When filling out an immigration application use the most current forms available, as visa and immigration requirements can change often. Be sure to keep a copy of all documents submitted, including a copy of the application itself. Some countries may require original documents as part of an application, while some will only ask for a copy


If completing an immigration application on paper, using black ink is recommended. Never use pencil for filling out an official application. Carefully review any fees required as part of an application, and make sure to pay in the proper format — check, cash, money order, or whatever is required.

To avoid complications and delays, use the exact same name on all immigration forms. If using a middle initial or name, be consistent throughout the application. If filing an application for a family, be consistent with all names throughout.

Make sure that the application meets all language requirements. If filling out an immigration application in a language other than that country's language, inquire as to whether the foreign language version is acceptable. If it is not, ensure that a translation accompanying the application is acceptable.

Carefully mark all submissions according to the instructions in the forms. Sometimes countries will require an applicant to mark forms with an application number or other personalized number. Be sure to submit all forms to the proper divisions of the immigration department.

Before submitting an application, ensure that all forms have been signed and dated. Most countries will not consider an application valid without a signature. This signature should be consistent with the form of the name in the application and should match the signatures on other parts of the immigration application and other official documents such as passports.

Applying for immigration in some countries can be very complicated. While there are services that assist, make sure that these immigration advisors are legitimate. Most countries' immigration departments will provide advice on finding certified immigration advisors.


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