What Are the Best Tips for Fighting Very Oily Skin?

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The issue of very oily skin can be an embarrassing one for many people, as it is difficult to hide from the outside world. One of the best tips for reducing and controlling the amount of oil that your skin produces is to wash your face every morning and evening with a gentle cleanser intended for your skin type. Although applying a moisturizer may seem counter-intuitive, it is also extremely important when fighting very oily skin. If you decide to change your entire skin care regimen, it can be helpful to wait about six to eight weeks before making any decision on a product’s effectiveness.

When you have oily skin, cleansing your face twice each day is a great tip, preferably when you first wake up and right before bed. If you work out or engage in strenuous physical activity, cleansing afterwards is also a good idea, as sweating can make your skin look oilier. It is, however, important that you are careful to not overly wash your face. Doing so can cause your skin’s oil production to increase due to the sudden lack of moisture, making your skin look greasier in the end.


For cleansing, you should always use a product that is meant for very oily skin. Look for those labeled as oil-free and those that contain salicylic acid or glycerin; these ingredients can help to reduce and control your skin’s production of oil. Despite this, these ingredients are often harsh, so it is also important to choose the gentlest cleanser possible that will still be effective. This will likely give you the cleansing and oil reduction that you need without overly drying your skin.

For many people, the idea of using a moisturizer on oily skin seems like a bad idea; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Cleansers, no matter how gentle they are, strip your skin of oil as well as moisture, both of which you need in some amount. If you don’t give your skin moisture after washing it, it will typically produce more oil to compensate for the sudden lack of it. By taking the preemptive measure of applying a lightweight lotion or cream, you trick your skin into thinking that all of the oil was not just removed, thus slowing down oil production.

Perhaps the best tip for fighting very oily skin is to keep in mind that it will take some time before you notice that a product is starting to work, and it will also take time for your skin to get used to your new regimen. For this reason, always try to wait six to eight weeks after you start regularly using a product before you determine whether or not it is working for you. A lot of the time, a new cleanser or moisturizer that will drastically improve your very oily skin may take a while to work, or even make it worse for the first few weeks, as your skin adapts and begins to improve.


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Post 2

I used a clay mud mask occasionally and it really, really helped my skin. I used the kind you get in the individual packs and it was always good. I did use a moisturizer after using it, but the mud pack just seemed to suck the extra oil right out of my skin. I used it two or three times a year.

The sensitive part is well taken though, Scrbblchick. You should always test something like that on a patch behind your ear or something, just to make sure you're not allergic to something in the product. That's always a good idea.

Post 1

Age may also help the oily skin problem. My skin was very oily when I was a teen, but a lot of that had cleared up by the time I was 25 or so.

I found that cleansing wipes for sensitive skin were actually very good. They seemed to "break" through the oil and cleaned my skin, but then if I used a very light moisturizer, my skin seemed to look so much better and feel so much better. I'd always recommend even people with very oily skin start out with products for sensitive skin, just to see if they help the problem. It's bad to be sensitive to something and have a red, irritated face, in addition to it being too oily.

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