What Are the Best Tips for Fashion Merchandising?

Whitney Leigh White

When a person decides to obtain a career within fashion merchandising, there are several tips that can be followed to increase chances of success. The fashion industry is a difficult industry within which to survive. A fashion merchandiser should first understand his or her career objective, which is to unite a various number of fashions with consumers, and also to anticipate what these consumers desire. It is important to understand that fashion merchandising reaches far beyond fashion itself. Tips to follow within the fashion merchandising world are to obtain academic training, design a store with immediate appeal and ease of shopping, and to continually build a network.

Fashion merchandisers will benefit from selling their merchandise in a store that is specifically designed to appeal to customers.
Fashion merchandisers will benefit from selling their merchandise in a store that is specifically designed to appeal to customers.

Any time a person works within the fashion merchandising industry, he or she should obtain some type of fashion and merchandising academic training. This can help a person to learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry, which include manufacturing, art, design, and other applicable subjects. A large number of community and four-year colleges offer fashion design programs in addition to art and design institutes. Attending academic training also aids in the process of a person developing a portfolio, which is very helpful when applying for a fashion merchandising job or opening a merchandising store.

Merchandising involves buying fashion items to be sold in a store.
Merchandising involves buying fashion items to be sold in a store.

All fashion merchandisers will find it beneficial to work or sell their merchandise within a store that is designed to provide consumers with immediate appeal and ease of shopping. These stores are carefully designed, paying attention to what may seem to be the smallest detail. It is critical that a fashion merchandising store carefully chooses what type of music to play, the type of displays set up, and even what lighting is uses. Variations in all of these elements can draw the attention of different target customers. No matter what type of merchandise is being sold, ease of shopping ensures that consumers can find the merchandise for which they are looking.

In order for a person to be successful in the fashion merchandising industry, he or she must build a network on a continuous basis. This enables connections with a number of consumers and professionals in the industry. A great place to start building a network is through social media platforms, including websites, social networks, and blogs. Many fashion merchandisers will also enter competitions which will help to increase brand awareness. The larger the network that is built, the more known a fashion merchandiser will become, which will, in turn, help to fuel profit levels.

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@pastanaga - That's one of the reasons the article puts so much emphasis on studying and getting a degree in textiles, design or merchandising.

I would also suggest that you make as many contacts as you possibly can and try to start your fashion merchandising career from the bottom, if you can. It's better to learn it from all sides and if that means working as a sales person in a retail store, so be it.

I think quite a few people have the dream to be a fashion designer and don't really think through the steps they need to take to work in the fashion industry.

Fashion merchandising is a really fun career, but it is also a heck of a lot of work and not something to be gone into lightly.


This does seem like a really challenging career. I know that little fashion boutiques seem to pop up and disappear in my town all the time.

It seems like it should be easy enough to open one up and support yourself with a sewing machine, or by seeking out the clothes that you think are cute. But, I don't think people realize how very expensive running a clothes shop, or another little store related to fashion can be. Particularly when there are so many other choices around and when larger stores can undercut your prices.

You really need to build a brand and that takes time. I always feel sorry for them when they close again so quickly, but then I also think they probably weren't prepared for the reality of business.

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