What Are the Best Tips for Facial Hair Removal?

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Both men and women often find themselves with unwanted facial hair. There are a number of facial hair removal products and methods, depending on personal preferences and hair types. The best tips for hair removal consist of using the correct equipment for the job, making sure that the hair is in a state for proper removal, and making sure to use a formulated face wash to remove residual product.

If choosing to shave the facial hair, it is important to use the proper equipment for the job. Although electric razors may be easier to use, they will not offer the close shave that a handheld razor provides. For women, there are smaller, single-blade razors used for both eyebrow shaping and removal of hair from the upper lip, sides of the face, and the chin. For men, there are a number of razors on the market, both disposable and refillable, that have several different blades stacked one on top of the other for a smoother and closer shave. Many retailers also sell shaving razors that are designed with lubricating strips to help coat the hair with an emollient, making it easier for the razor to cut through the thicker facial hairs.


Razors that come with the lubricating strip can help to deter the formation of ingrown hairs. Curlier hair types are known to curl back into the skin when cut, causing ingrown hairs. If this is a prolific problem, then a dark cast will form over the beard of mustache area due to damage. In this case, using an electric razor for facial hair removal can help ward off the formation of these ailments, since it leaves a piece of hair outside of the skin rather than cutting the hair so short that it dips below the skin level.

For men, wetting the hair thoroughly with warm water before shaving subsequently weakens the hair shaft a bit. Some individuals conveniently shave in the shower, as the steam will help to soften the whiskers, while others use a warm, damp towel. Deter from dry shaving, as this method of facial hair removal can cause a host of problems like ingrown hairs, skin abrasions known as "razor burn," and unsightly cuts. For women with smaller patches of unwanted facial hair, dry shaving with a magnifying mirror may be a viable option, as it enables one to see closely for a more exact removal process.

Depilatory creams are a bit messier when compared to a razor or electric shaving, but it is a viable option for individuals who want to remove stubborn facial hair and is especially popular with women. Only use depilatory creams on clean skin that is free of abrasions or cuts, making sure to apply an even coat. Allow the product to work on the hair for a few minutes, and then wipe the hair away with a non-abrasive towel, making sure to use firm, short strokes. Make sure to wash any residual product with a facial soap and warm water.

No matter what facial hair removal method chosen, careful aftercare is critical. The following days after the facial hair removal procedure, diligently use an alpha-hydroxy acid wash to ward off clogged pores. This will also help retard the formation of skin infections on the newly-shaven skin.


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I agree with you Heavanet. Most hair removal methods have some downside, or at the very least can become quite costly over time. Razors and tweezers are usually the best option, though waxing and eyebrow sculpting down by qualified professionals are good options too.

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Hair removal by laser is an option for some people, but this procedure usually doesn't work on fair hair. Hair removal creams and waxes can be irritating. Often, the best option when there isn't much hair to be removed is simple tweezing.

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