What are the Best Tips for Eyebrow Tweezing?

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The best tips for eyebrow tweezing involve proper shaping and preparation. A steamy bath, shower or face wash before tweezing can make brow hairs easier to pluck by opening hair follicles and plumping the skin. Using frozen tweezers then helps push down the heated skin around each brow hair to make it easier to pluck, while at the same time adding a numbing effect to minimize the redness and pain from the tweezing. Shaping during eyebrow tweezing can be made simpler by using a brow comb to move hairs in the direction opposite to their growth as well as having a cosmetic pencil to fill in any hairs plucked by mistake.

Sweeping back each eyebrow using a tiny comb or brush helps allow brows to fall naturally in line. In most cases, this natural line should be left untweezed unless the brows are too thick and heavy looking. In that case, the brow hairs just outside of this natural line should be tweezed first. If the hair isn't too thick overall, eyebrow tweezing just to remove stray brow hairs should be done. One of the best tweezing tips is to keep pausing to check the results in a mirror, as it's very easy to get carried away and overtweeze eyebrows.


An eyebrow pencil to match the hair color is a great essential to have on hand in case of overtweezing brows. A sharpener for the pencil is needed so that the point can be kept sharp enough to use for drawing in feathery thin lines that resemble hairs. A common mistake when trying to shape eyebrows properly is to overtweeze the ends, but not tweeze enough from the part of the brow near the bridge of the nose. Any hairs across the bridge of the nose should also be plucked away during eyebrow tweezing.

If a bath, shower or face wash isn't desired before tweezing eyebrows, a good tip is to place a clean, warmed facecloth onto the skin. The warmth will help open hair folicles as well as plump up the skin to make eyebrows more accessible for tweezing. Freezing eyebrow tweezers for several minutes before plucking brows can soothe the pain of the tweezers as they press down the skin around each hair. It can be handy to work with two sets of tweezers when tweezing eyebrows so one set can always be chilled. While frozen tweezers can also take some of the redness from skin that tweezing causes, it's best to pluck eyebrow hair at least several hours before going out as the brow area may still appear red.


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Post 3

I've been using tweezers on my brows for years and I think the main tip that I have for others is to go slowly and check in between. When one is looking at the brows close up and plucking them, it can be very easy to pluck too many hairs. I always stop after plucking three or four hairs to make sure that my eyebrows still look good. Eyebrows turning out much thinner than expected is not a nice surprise.

Post 2

This is the first time I'm hearing about freezing tweezers before plucking eyebrows. I think that's a great idea because cold really does numb skin. I'm definitely going to try this.

Post 1

I highly recommend a hot shower before plucking eyebrow hair to those who are planning to use a tweezers on eyebrows for the first time.

The first time I plucked my eyebrows, I made the mistake of doing nothing to soften my skin and eyebrow hair. Needless to say, the procedure was extremely painful. I had tears in my eyes at one point.

And plucking is the best method when there area a few unruly hairs that need to be removed. Do not try plucking as the sole method of shaping eyebrows if they are very thick. Use wax strips or an eyebrow razor to shape them first. Use tweezers only to remove one or two hairs here and there.

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