What Are the Best Tips for Eyebrow Shaping for Men?

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While many men are happy with the natural look of their eyebrows, some prefer to do a bit of trimming and shaping for a more well-groomed appearance. Eyebrow shaping for men can be as simple as clipping a few stray hairs or as involved enough to require electric trimmers and other male grooming tools. Most men should be conservative when starting out, to avoid cutting their eyebrow hair too short and radically altering their appearance. Some men may wish to have their eyebrows shaped by their barber or hairstylist to avoid personal grooming mishaps.

Eyebrow shaping for men can start at any age. Some men may need to start grooming a unibrow during puberty, while others can go for many years before their eyebrows start needing attention. Some basic shaping can be performed by combing or brushing the hair with a finger and clipping the longer, stray hairs with a small pair of scissors. Some men may wish to pluck these hairs with tweezers for a thinner overall look. Special eyebrow scissors, which combine a scissor blade with a comb that helps avoid over-trimming, also are available.


More advanced eyebrow shaping for men may require an electric hair trimmer. These trimmers are designed to help men groom their beards, side burns and other areas that may need to be touched up between visits to the barber. To effectively shape the eyebrows, a man will need a trimmer with an attachment comb. It’s best for a man to start with a longer comb and work his way down to the shorter attachments to avoid trimming the eyebrows too closely. When in doubt, the man should stop with a longer length, rather than risk a closely shaven appearance.

For a more sculpted look, some men turn to grooming kits that include eyebrow stencils and other accessories. The stencil is used to define an area around the brow for trimming. These stencils also can be used by men who have lost hair to apply eyebrow powders and create a new brow line.

Men who aren’t comfortable trimming their own eyebrows can turn to stylists for assistance in this area. Professional eyebrow shaping for men may involve a barber or stylist using trimmers to clean up the brow area after a haircut. Other men may wish to have their brows waxed and sculpted by professionals to help them look their best.


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Though I guess there is no way to prove this. There is a belief that one of the purposes of the human eyebrow is to give the appearance that a person's eyes are open when he is sleeping. This effect is created by the downward arch of the eyebrows combined with the upward flow of the eyelashes.

The appearance of the open eye, when humans are in reality sleeping, helps to confuse and deter predators. Of course, this trait is not as important as it was for early man who was surviving in the wild.

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I remember my college roommate giving me a hard time because he saw me plucking the hairs between my eyes when I was in college. Back then, plucking hair wasn't considered a masculine thing to do, but I wasn't crazy about the unibrow, which I had been plucking away since high school, so I took the teasing and kept plucking those little hairs.

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