What Are the Best Tips for Exterior Home Remodeling?

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Exterior home remodeling can include a variety of projects, from simple repainting to roof replacement. When planning to do exterior home remodeling, it is important to do research, assess the time and budget necessary for the project, and practice any new techniques or skills before trying them on the house. With so many exterior home remodeling projects to choose from, it is important to understand personal and household needs, and choose the projects that will truly make a difference to home life.

One of the most important tips for any exterior home remodeling project is to fully research the requirements before starting. Be sure that remodels are in line with building codes, and do not encroach on power lines, plumbing, or the neighbor's yard. Make a checklist of all needed materials for the job, and be sure to purchase them all before beginning work. Doing some basic organizational preparation can make remodeling as simple of a process as possible.

If an all-over paint job isn't required or affordable, consider freshening up the exterior with newly painted trim and a new door. Replacing the front door can be done in just a few hours, while cleaning and repainting window trim can be an easy and fun weekend job. Adding trim in a pretty contrasting color will give the house a facelift without requiring hours of backbreaking work painting the entire house.


Few culinary experiences are better than picking a fresh tomato or a ripe strawberry right out of the garden. Installing a basic kitchen garden may take less than an hour, and the herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be tailored to the household's tastes. Even renters can quickly establish a simple garden by purchasing a raised gardening bed that does not disturb the yard. With a few bags of potting soil and a daily watering, it's possible to be pulling up carrots and plucking fresh basil within just a few months.

Exterior home remodeling can actually be a way to reduce house costs. Installing double-paned or energy efficient windows can help reduce heating and cooling costs by making the home more efficient. Consider replacing outdoor electric lights with solar lamps and lanterns, or even take the plunge and install solar cells to bring a home into the 21st century of alternative energy. Even painting a roof white can help cut down on heat absorption, knocking down the need for power-eating air conditioning on hot days.

Though many exterior home remodeling projects can be done by homeowners and renters, it is important to know when to call the professionals. If a remodeling job involves altering the foundations or weight-bearing walls, getting close to gas or power lines, or even requiring high ladder climbs, it may be safer and less costly to have the job done correctly by a certified professional. Though intrepid handymen and women shouldn't be afraid to test their skills on new projects, preventing injury and property damage is an important priority in any remodeling job.


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