What Are the Best Tips for Event Management?

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The best tips for event management are to delegate tasks, select an appropriate venue, plan for the unexpected, and cater to key people. Depending on the size of the event, the event manager may need assistance in order to decrease the likelihood of mistakes. Choosing the right venue is highly important, as some of the biggest problems that can be avoided are related to the venue. Event managers should also have contingency plans in place, and test all equipment in advance. Key people, such as speakers, entertainers and performers should be accounted for and catered to, to avoid disruptions to the schedule.

Delegating tasks is key for successful event management because it helps ensure that all aspects of the event are covered. Event managers should have a trained team in place that will verify that everything has been accounted for and be available to handle potential problems. For smaller events, having an assistant instead of an event management team may be more practical.


Choosing the venue is a decision that can either make or break an event. If a client does not already have a venue in mind, the event manager will need to find out exactly what the client is expecting, how many people the venue should hold and if there are special considerations that need to be made. For instance, a workshop may require more space because table and chairs are necessary, while a speaking event can be in a smaller area. Some special considerations that may need to be accounted for are areas to serve food, handicap access, dedicated dancing space, areas for entertainers, and safety features for special effects such as fireworks.

Contingency plans need to be made for everything that could go wrong, such as equipment failures, late speakers and bad weather. Creating a plan for each possible failure can help the event manager remain calm when encountering a problem. In case of a crisis, backups will already be in place and options will be readily available.

Catering to key people is important for avoiding delays or cancellations. This may mean picking up speakers or entertainers from the airport, making sure their accommodations are comfortable, accounting for them on the day of the event and ensuring that all their needs are met and they are happy. Catering to the needs of speakers or entertainers will help them get situated faster and be more mentally prepared for the event.


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Post 2

I think taking care of the people you are bringing in to speak or work at your event is really important, especially if you are an event management agency and need to make sure your reputation remains intact.

Don't just focus on the main people though. Remember to treat everyone well. Provide food and encouragement and let them have time off if they need it, and you will build a group of workers who will be willing to go the extra mile for you.

I know that I have worked for event managers who did care and didn't care about their workers and the ones who did almost always had the better events. When you rely on people for something, it's much better to get them onside.

Post 1

I think one of the best tips for event management is to try and keep smiling! I know that sounds like pat advice, but it is a good thing to keep in mind. There will always be something going wrong, because when you have to rely on lots of different people to keep up their end of the job, mistakes are inevitable.

Remaining positive and unflappable helps to reduce stress in everyone around you and makes the job go much more smoothly. If you get angry and upset it will only resonate among everyone else and then you end up with more of a problem.

Event managing can be one of the most fulfilling jobs you can have. But only if you can handle the stress!

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