What Are the Best Tips for Doing Morning Exercise?

Dee Jones

For some, life is so hectic that finding time to exercise can be a chore. This is why so many people have started doing morning exercise routines, scheduling workouts before the day truly begins and becomes too busy and demanding. Those who decide to do a workout in the morning should do as much preparation as possible the night before, from setting out workout clothes, to deciding on the type of workout it will be and preparing accordingly. Creating pre-workout and post-workout routines, and following those routines every day will turn doing a morning exercise routine into an ingrained habit.

Push ups both strengthen the upper body and raise the mind to a level of alertness.
Push ups both strengthen the upper body and raise the mind to a level of alertness.

One mistake many people make is not preparing for a morning workout. While it doesn’t seem like it would make much difference, the less someone has to do in the time between getting out of bed and doing his morning exercise routine, the more likely he is to stick to doing morning workouts every day. At night, pull out and set aside the necessary workout gear so it will be close to hand and ready to put on. If working out to a workout on DVD, pop the DVD into the DVD player before going to bed. Someone who goes for morning runs should have his shoes and socks set out and ready to put on. Set an alarm clock to go off early enough that there will be plenty of time to do the morning exercise routine without feeling too rushed.

Choosing a morning workout like power walking will help boost energy levels for the remainder of the day.
Choosing a morning workout like power walking will help boost energy levels for the remainder of the day.

Starting and sticking to a morning exercise routine can be a challenge, but turning it into an ingrained habit, something that gets done almost automatically at a given time, can make things much easier. Get up at the same time every morning, and follow the same pre-workout routine. Also follow the same routine after the workout, which might include taking a shower, eating breakfast, and preparing for work. Many people find that creating a reward for successfully sticking to a morning exercise routine for a certain period of time can also be beneficial.

It’s important to eat something both before and after doing a morning workout. Trying to workout on an empty stomach can be a miserable experience that, over time, can make someone lose the motivation to do morning workouts at all. Eating too much before a morning exercise routine, however, can make an individual feel heavy, weighed down and, in some cases, even nauseous. So, before a morning workout, try to eat something light that will keep the hunger pangs at bay. After the workout, indulge in a breakfast that’s filling but nutritious.

Many people will start their day with a bike ride.
Many people will start their day with a bike ride.

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@Oceana – It may be the type of workout you have planned that is filling you with dread. A jog sounds like a pretty intense workout for someone who has just awakened. Perhaps you should consider something a bit more low intensity.

Personally, I have to do a workout that I enjoy early in the morning, or I won't do it at all. I have a dance aerobics DVD that I love, because it isn't too physically demanding, and it is fun to do.

On mornings when I don't feel like following a certain routine, I will just turn on an upbeat CD and freestyle dance. It doesn't matter how I look doing it. What matters is that I am working out my muscles and increasing my heart rate while having fun, and that is much more beneficial than lying in bed.


I can't seem to get motivated to go for a jog in the morning. I have tried several times to wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual to do this, but every time the alarm goes off, I decide that I would rather have the extra sleep than the workout. It may sound like a great idea at night, but in the morning, I ask myself what I was thinking.

How can I make myself get up and get going? I go to bed at a reasonable hour, and I sleep rather soundly. Just the thought of getting active that early makes me groan.


@cloudel – I also try to eat just a small amount before my workout. However, I have found that I need to wait until after the exercise to drink my coffee.

Some of my friends drink coffee before going on a run. I tried it once, and I felt way too full. I put creamer in my coffee, and this seems to make it more filling.

Also, all that liquid flopping around in your stomach does not feel good when you are in motion. I save my coffee until after my morning shower. That way, it helps wake me up, because the energy loss from the workout and the soothing heat from the shower can make me sleepy.


I have to be careful what I eat before a morning workout. I must make it a very small snack, or else, I will become nauseous and quit.

I have found that eating a granola bar works best. It isn't too sweet or too filling, but it gives me the energy I need to do the workout. Also, it keeps my stomach from growling, so I'm not distracted by hunger.

I sometimes substitute a small banana for the granola bar, and it works just as well. I do have to drink water with it, though, or I will get stomach pains during the workout.

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