What are the Best Tips for Displaying Bric-A-Brac?

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Bric-a-brac are small objects, often of little or no monetary worth, which are collected for decorative purposes. Typical examples of bric-a-brac include nesting dolls, porcelain figurines, bud vases, piggy banks, toy soldiers, thimbles, and spoons. When deciding how to best show off bric-a-brac, it is helpful to first consider what type of display space will best suit the pieces. Once a display space has been chosen, decide how the individual pieces should be organized. For extra inspiration, consider studying magazines, television shows, and shop displays.

When deciding how to best show off bric-a-brac, it can be helpful to begin by considering what type of display space will best suit the pieces. If the pieces will be kept in a high-traffic area, in close proximity to small children, or in a room which becomes dusty quickly, it might be best to display them in a hutch, curio cabinet, or other display space which features glass doors. Displaying decorative objects behind glass doors can lessen the chances that the pieces will become broken, and can also reduce the need to dust each piece.

If dust and breakage are not a concern, consider displaying bric-a-brac on an open platform. For instance, think about arranging them on a mantelpiece or an open shelving unit. While items displayed on an open platform might require frequent cleaning, they can stand out more strongly than items placed behind doors, and may therefore have a more dramatic decorative impact.

Once a display space has been chosen, decide how the individual bric-a-brac pieces should be organized. There are many possibilities for organizing one’s decorative items. They can be grouped by color, size, or theme, for instance. Alternatively, they can be randomly mixed together to create an eclectic effect. It may be best to simply try different arrangements and then decide which is most visually pleasing.

Those having difficulty deciding how to display their bric-a-brac might consider looking around them for inspiration. It can be helpful to look at decorating spreads in home-focused magazines, or to visit antique stores and observe the various ways in which groups of small items are displayed. Some people may even get ideas by studying the sets used in their favorite television shows or movies. Often, analyzing the way that professional decorative arrangements have been put together can give home decorators the confidence needed to organize their bric-a-brac in a creative and eye-pleasing manner.

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