What Are the Best Tips for Designing a Pretty Tattoo?

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Designing a pretty tattoo takes time and artistic evaluation as well as a deep understanding of what is and is not possible in a tattoo design. Art that might look beautiful as a painting or drawing can become unattractive and discolored on human skin. In terms of the actual features of the artwork, conventionally pretty subjects are not the only option. While flowers and text can be used, any subject that is attractive to the person bearing the tattoo can become a pretty tattoo if properly executed. Many people design pretty artwork primarily for women, but beautiful designs do not necessarily exclude men.

A conventionally pretty tattoo might include cursive script, flowers, or highly ornate crosses. Plant motifs, animals, and abstract tribal designs are often incorporated into tattoos as well. Celestial representations are less common, and while some people view stars as pretty, they also often take on a punk rock feel in tattoos. Each of these categories can be more or less pretty depending on execution and the style in which the image is designed.


When coming up with ideas for a pretty tattoo, it is important to keep in mind the meaning of the tattoo. Certain symbols and designs might be attractive in appearance but inappropriate for a lifetime commitment. Names of lovers are often considered part of this category, as the meaning of the tattoo could someday make the bearer perceive the design as unattractive. Any meaningful item must not overshadow the design with the force of its content.

What makes a skillfully executed tattoo pretty depends on the aesthetic sense of the bearer. Realistic photographic tattoos are attractive to some people and repulsive to others. Usually, tattoos that have sweeping curves are perceived as more feminine than those with blocky lines, but neither is necessarily prettier. Paying attention to details, however, is essential no matter what the design.

Considering placement is also important when designing a pretty tattoo. The artwork must often interact with bodily features in attractive ways. If the curve of a limb or a joint can be incorporated into the design, this will often yield a seamless and finished tattoo. Additionally, use of this type of body modification to make the human form more attractive can make that tattoo itself seem prettier.

Pretty tattoos are not exclusively for women, though tattoos for men are not usually described with this adjective. Many people obtain tattoos that represent people, and these can be highly beautiful portraits. Depending on the era and culture, any tattoo design might be considered the prettiest. When designing a tattoo of this type, it is most important to consider the aesthetic tastes of the person who will be getting the tattoo.


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