What Are the Best Tips for Designing a Backyard Play Area?

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One of the more common recommendations when setting up a backyard play area is for people to choose a mix of elements that could potentially interest children even when they get older. Additionally, if the play area is going to have equipment like slides, swing sets, and jungle gyms, it is also generally important to make sure the materials used provide as much safety and durability as possible. It is often recommended that people leave enough area unused so that children can run freely if possible for the sake of exercise, and setting up a fence around a backyard play area can increase both privacy and safety.

When setting up a backyard play area, it might be tempting in some cases to fill the whole space up with items for amusement, but there is often some benefit to leaving some land unused. Open space allows for exercise, and it’s also versatile. Children may come up with all kinds of games that they could play in an open area.

Safety is often another important consideration when setting up a backyard play area. The specifics of this might vary a bit depending on the age of the children in question, but making sure soft materials are used when appropriate and watching out for items with sharp corners might be good starting points. Additionally, children can be tough on equipment, as can the weather, so buying equipment with good reviews for durability is often recommended.


When it comes to choosing equipment for a backyard play area, there is often an advantage in making sure there is enough variety to interest kids of all ages. For example, there could be things like swing sets for younger children, and small basketball courts for older kids and teens. If this is handled appropriately, the play area will have the potential to always be useful and fun even as children grow older, whereas a play area that only has playground equipment for younger children may quickly outgrow its usefulness.

Setting up a fence around a backyard play area has many advantages. For one thing, it keeps children from leaving the yard, something that can happen very easily if parents aren’t always watching closely. Additionally, it keeps other people or animals from coming into the yard uninvited while children are outside, and it provides a layer of privacy, which may make the area feel significantly more comfortable.


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