What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Teenage Girl's Room?

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One of the best tips for decorating a teenage girl's room is to take steps to ensure the room is a reflection of the teen's personality. Color choices, patterns and designs should all reflect the teen's own sense of style. A teenage girl's room needs plenty of shelf space to display photos, mementos and other treasures the teen has collected. Controlling clutter is another key factor in designing a teenage girl's room, as adequate space for shoes, clothes and accessories is a must. As teens tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms socializing and studying, comfortable seating areas should be incorporated into their rooms.

The color pallet of a teenage girl's room should set the right tone for the look trying to be achieved. While a sassy style will feature bold and brilliant colors such as lime green and fuchsia, a sophisticated style may tend to use more black and white options with hints of color. The colors selected for a teenage girl's room can also reflect her hobbies and interests, such as team colors for a sports team or shades of blue for a surfing enthusiast.


A teenage girl's room serves more purposes than simply a place to sleep. It is a place to socialize and study, as well as a place of refuge from the rest of the world. Furniture selection should include extra seating, which can be as simple as bean bag chairs or a padded bench, or as sophisticated as window sill seating or chairs suspended from the ceiling. As most teens spend a majority of time doing homework and using computers and other electronics, it's important to have proper desk space with adequate electrical outlets.

Art and accessories are key in decorating a teenage girl's room, and the items should reflect who she is and what she's interested in. If a teen is interested in graphic design, over-sized letters or sayings hung on the wall or balanced on shelves and colorful advertisements can inspire her. For a teen who loves fashion, purses hung on the wall and chairs fashioned to look like shoes can be paired with dress forms and fashion-inspired prints hung on the wall.

Paint, carpet and lighting all play key roles in decorating a teenage girl's room. Whether solid or patterns, paint can be used to repeat various patterns in the room's decor, such as polka dots on a bed spread. Carpet and rugs can be mixed and matched to create dramatic effects, such as using long shag rugs or brightly-colored pattern rugs on top of the carpet. Lighting can set the tone of the room, from crystal-laden chandeliers for a sophisticated room to square, stainless steel wall sconces for a more modern effect.


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