What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Small Master Bedroom?

Dan Cavallari

Many of the tips for decorating a small master bedroom focus on making the space appear larger than it is. This can be done by carefully choosing the color of the room, the types of curtains used on the windows, the pieces of furniture included in the room, and the orientation of those items. Choosing lighter colors for the walls and trim will help make a small master bedroom feel larger, and thinner curtains that allow for more light transparency will help brighten up the room and make it feel more comfortable and larger. Mirrors on the wall can also make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Light colors can make a small room appear larger.
Light colors can make a small room appear larger.

Furniture for a small master bedroom must be chosen carefully. The bed will take up most of the space, and rightfully so, as this is where a person is likely to spend the most time while in the room. This does not mean other pieces of furniture cannot be included in the room, but they must be chosen with the bed in mind. Choosing the bed size and design first will allow for better understanding of how other furniture will fit in the space. Nightstands, for example, may need to be thin and tall rather than short and wide in relation to the bed chosen for the small master bedroom. Chairs can be added to the room.

A master bedroom typically features a storage dresser.
A master bedroom typically features a storage dresser.

Function is very important, even more so than aesthetics. Most people will want to have a dresser as well as a closet space in the small master bedroom for storing clothing and other useful items. This can be a challenge in a smaller room, so various organizers may be necessary for the closet and dressers may need to be oriented in such a way that open drawers do not eliminate walking spaces. Generally speaking, less furniture is better in a small master bedroom, as too many pieces can make the room feel smaller and more cluttered, which means the space will not be comfortable or inviting.

The homeowner will need to think carefully about what kind of space he or she wants the small master bedroom to be. An airy, open feel will mean sparse decorations and smaller furniture, including the bed. A more functional space may seem smaller and more cluttered, but it will accommodate storage well. Once the homeowner has decided his or her intentions for the room, decisions can be made about color schemes, furniture, and decorations.

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Lighter colors are a must for making a small room look less small. Also, a popular trend is one dark wall, or darker colors on the crown molding, but that also creates a visual box, making a small room look smaller.

Even the bedding should be a lighter, neutral color, in my opinion, so the room looks more open. The less furniture, the better, but it should be functional. There's not much room for the decorative in a really small bedroom. Maybe a small corner cabinet could be placed, but it should also be light colored and not have too much clutter on it.


I'll take a small master bedroom with a large closet any day! If I had to choose between the two, I'd rather have a smaller bedroom than a small closet.

I don't think I'd have chairs in a small master bedroom. That's an invitation for "stuff" to be piled on them, and clutter in a small room makes it seem even smaller. A chest would be ideal, since it's more difficult to put "stuff" on top of a taller chest. In my experience, anything flat at waist height is an invitation for stuff.

That's why I'd take a walk-in closet over a big room!

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