What Are the Best Tips for Creating a Promotional Video?

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When creating a promotional video, the most important thing to keep in mind is the audience. The goal of a promotional video is to convince a target audience of the value or sense of a specific aspect of the company. Production of the video should be in an acceptable style for this target audience, and the content should be formatted in a way that is appropriate for that specific audience. This means that a promotional video for business investors and a video for parents who may wish to send a child to summer camp will ideally be very different productions. Doing research before taking any steps to make the video is the key to success when utilizing this type of promotion.

In many cases, a company does not produce its own promotional videos. This task is usually handled by a company hired specifically for this job. When this is the case, tips for creating a promotional video relate primarily to the task of finding a reputable company. In general, looking at past productions is the best way to judge a company's ability to create the video, and talking to others who have used the production company is the best way to make sure they provide acceptable service. If someone is creating a video this way, it is very important to communicate the goal of the video effectively and thoroughly in order to minimize problems with the video.


When creating a promotional video on one's own, either for a client company or for a person's own company, the most important step in the production of the video is planning. Figuring out how the video will win over the target audience is key. This general strategy must be incorporated into the script and should be suggested through other paths throughout the film. More broadly, the film should represent the company it is promoting. The values of the company should be evident in every frame of the video.

Production of a promotional video can be accomplished with simple video editing tools, or it can be a full-scale production. Actors may need to be hired, and a crew may be necessary as well. One tip to keep in mind is that spending money on a video of this type is a good idea only if returns can be expected. Sometimes, a homemade video can be a better investment than an expensive production because this type of video will reach the appropriate audience and will not be devalued due to the method of its production.


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