What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Quiche?

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Cooking quiche is a good way to turn a few leftovers into a rich, savory dish that can be eaten as a snack or a meal. Just a few tips can help even beginning cooks prepare quiches that are well-cooked, visually pleasing, and full of flavor. Among the most important steps in cooking quiche successfully are selecting a proper pan and prebaking the crust. It is also important to understand that certain quiche ingredients should be precooked, and that one’s choice of dairy products will influence a quiche’s fat content. Finally, many culinary experts argue that when it comes to cooking quiche, simple recipes often produce the best results.

When cooking quiche, it is very important to select a proper pan. This is because using a pan that is too deep will often result in a quiche that is burnt at the edges and still raw in the center. While beginning cooks may think that a pie dish or a round cake pan would be appropriate for quiche, in fact these pans are generally too deep. A wide but shallow tart pan is the best choice for most quiches.


In order to avoid a mushy crust when cooking quiche, a technique called blind baking should be used. Blind baking is a culinary term which means prebaking a pie, tart, or quiche crust before any filling has been added to it. To blind bake a quiche crust, the crust dough is rolled out and carefully pressed into the dish in which the final quiche will be made. It is then baked in a hot oven for approximately 15 minutes. To prevent the crust from shrinking, some cooks line it with parchment paper and then fill it with dried beans or baking weights, which are removed after blind baking.

Another point to keep in mind when cooking quiche is that the baking time required for this dish is not sufficient to fully cook certain ingredients. Therefore, cooks should precook raw meat as well as vegetables like broccoli and onions. Doing so will ensure that these ingredients are cooked through when the quiche is finished baking.

Bakers who are trying to limit their fat intake should note that it is possible to adjust a quiche’s nutritional profile by using dairy products which are lighter than those called for in a recipe. These cooks may consider substituting half and half or whole milk for heavy cream. It should be noted, however, that the lower the fat content of the dairy product used, the less rich and firm the resulting quiche will be.

Lastly, many experienced bakers argue that when cooking quiche, less is more. An abundance of ingredients can detract from the smooth, custard-like texture of the dish’s egg base, and can produce a muddled flavor. For a nuanced flavor and a velvety texture, cooks may want to supplement a quiche’s egg base with just one or two additional ingredients and a hint of seasoning.


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A tart pan? Really? Oh, good heavens, no. A deep dish pie crust does just fine. You do need to blind bake the crust, though.

I whiz the eggs and milk together in the food processor and then mix in the other ingredients. I can put a quiche together in about ten minutes and it bakes for about 35 minutes. I bake my quiche at 350 and I've never had it burn on the edges or be undercooked in the middle. I always allow it to sit for about five minutes or so after removing it from the oven, which probably allows the center to cook a little longer, but the edges don't burn.

I have a tart pan, but I'm not making a pie crust for a quiche that's going to be eaten by me and my husband. If I were taking it somewhere, I might, but not for home.

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