What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Moose Meat?

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The method of cooking moose meat can depend on the cut. When cooking a roast, people should boil the meat first in order to help remove the gamey taste. Moose steaks can be sautéed or fried in butter. Most cuts need to be cooked considerably longer than venison, pork, or beef. Onion, broth, and mushrooms complement this meat well, so many dishes also use these ingredients.

Moose stew should first be boiled for approximately 10 minutes before adding other ingredients. After this time, people can drain the water from the pot and then add spices such as pepper, garlic, and salt. Fresh water should be added to the pot before boiling the meat until it is tender.

Boiling moose meat also produces a broth that can be used for basting. After boiling stew meat a second time, cooks can place vegetables such as potatoes and carrots in a roasting pan, then cover and bake. Basting the roast with the leftover juices helps keep the meat moist while allowing the vegetables to seal in the flavor.

Many people like to cook moose meat with diced onion. They can be added to a pot of water when boiling moose stew or diced and placed on top of other cuts of meat when frying. Onion can help hide the gamey taste of this food while adding a zest of flavor to the meat.


Moose meat should not be fried in heavy oils or shortening. The preferred method of frying steaks is to sauté them in butter. People should cook these cuts until they are lightly browned on both sides. After this, the meat can be allowed to simmer over low heat for around 30 minutes in order to help remove the gamey flavor and allow the meat to become tender.

A smoker can be ideal for cooking moose meat. Wood pellets are preferred over charcoal. The meat can be marinaded before being placed in the smoker or basted from time to time with barbeque sauce in order to keep it moist. Cooking the meat in this manner usually results in a product that is tender and juicy.

Moose meat can be easy to prepare, even for people who have never done so before. Cooks should keep in mind that this could often be a lengthy process, so allowing plenty of time to cook a dish is very important. Moose is very nutritious and full of vitamins, making it a healthy choice for a variety of meal plans.


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Post 4

I live in Montreal and get a moose every second year, deer every year and to start with, that majestic animal is sent to the butcher to get the appropriate cuts and vacuum packed. I am a good hunter but not a good cook and never cooked that meat myself. Once a good meal is made for people who never tried wild game, it is the best meal you can get. To all: enjoy that precious meat.

Post 3

@irontoenail - There are several online companies which sell exotic game meats.

I know there are some which sell game meat from Africa (no endangered species, of course, only ones that needed to be culled in order to maintain the environmental balance in national parks) as well as things like caribou and reindeer meat.

And there are others which sell things that are closer to home, but still unusual for supermarkets, like alligator and rabbit meat, or game bird meats.

So, I'm sure there must be one or two that sell moose meat as well. The thing is, you need to be patient with them because they don't have a bunch of animals out back they can fetch when you put in an order. Especially with big game animals, there's no guarantee that you will get your purchase right away.

Post 2

How would you go about getting moose meat if you don't live in a Northern state or another area where they are common? Is there a way to get some, just to try it?

I quite like game meat, and my friend occasionally goes hunting so I can get some off him when he is successful, but we don't live in an area with moose.

It just seems like it would be a very unique taste.

Post 1

There must be such an enormous amount of meat on a moose, if you are getting your meat from a carcass you'd have to really know what you were doing so none of it ended up going to waste.

And a moose is such a majestic creature, you wouldn't want to waste one.

I imagine you'd have to have strategies in place to make sure you do use it all. I don't know if you could make sausages out of it (it's probably fatty enough that you could) but you might be able to smoke it and keep it that way or something similar. Even share it around your friends and family.

I suppose most people who are able to hunt a moose would also know what to do with it once they got one though.

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