What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Filet Mignon in the Oven?

Lee Johnson

The best tips for cooking filet mignon in the oven are to sear and season the meat prior to cooking, to cook it on an oven-proof skillet, and to leave the meat to rest for five minutes prior to cutting. Most recipes suggest cooking the meat in the oven at between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit (176 to 190 Celsius) for four to six minutes, depending on how the guests like their steak cooked. Generally, tips relating to cooking filet mignon in an oven are dedicated to creating the most tender and moist steak possible.

A filet mignon should be pan seared before baking to preserve moisture in the meat.
A filet mignon should be pan seared before baking to preserve moisture in the meat.

Arguably the most important tip for cooking filet mignon in the oven is to sear the meat before transferring it to the oven. Searing is basically the process of browning the meat by shallow-frying it prior to cooking. This closes off some of the pores in the meat and thereby keeps vital moisture in. Filet mignon should be seared for around one minute on each side. Most recipes suggest seasoning the meat prior to searing it.

A pan needs to be very hot for searing steak.
A pan needs to be very hot for searing steak.

Seasoning the meat before cooking is an important tip for cooking filet mignon with an oven. Most chefs suggest using salt and pepper to season the meat, which can be added according to the guests’ tastes. Some recipes also suggest using some fresh herbs as a seasoning to further enhance the flavor of the meat, such as rosemary and parsley. The majority of chefs suggest seasoning prior to cooking, but some believe that salting the meat prior to cooking draws out the moisture and therefore makes for a less juicy steak.

Recipes for filet mignon in the oven generally suggest cooking the meat on an oven-proof skillet. This should be done where possible instead of using an ordinary baking tray. Skillets hold heat more efficiently than most pans, and will generally speed up the cooking time. Oil should be added to the skillet by the chef, and then it should be heated before the meat is added. Chefs recommend using olive oil for the best results.

Heat travels in waves, traveling from the outside of the steak to the center of it. For this reason, most chefs suggest allowing five minutes of resting time after cooking filet mignon in the oven. After the meat is removed from the oven, the temperature can increase as the residual heat continues to work on the steak. The juices also have time to “settle” back into the meat if it is allowed to rest.

Depending on how the guests prefer their meat to be cooked, the amount of time required for filet mignon in the oven should be adjusted. At 375 Fahrenheit (190 Celsius) the meat should be cooked for four to six minutes for rare, six to eight for medium, and up to 10 for well done. Rare meat should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 Celsius), medium rare should be 125 Fahrenheit (51 Celsius), and medium should be 130 Fahrenheit (54 Celsius).

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A great way to make very juicy filet mignon in the oven is to first marinate it for at least several hours. I like to use Italian salad dressing, because it adds a nice Italian flavor.

You should also cover your meat when you put it in the oven to lock in steam and juices. Either a covered baking dish or aluminum foil works just fine.


I know that this recipe doesn't call for very long cooking times in the oven, but I like my meat well done. I don't mind if it isn't very tender or juicy, because I enjoy the well-done flavor.

When I make filet mignon in the oven, I cook it for 10 to 15 minutes at 357 degrees Fahrenheit for a well done piece of meat.

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