What Are the Best Tips for Conserving the Rainforest?

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One of the best tips for preserving the rainforests is to start recycling newspapers, building materials, plastic, glass, aluminum foil, scrap metal, and even used motor oil. Consumers should think of ways to recycle, reuse, or conserve things at home, the office, at school and anywhere else. When someone's attitude about conserving the rainforest changes, their actions will begin to change as well. One of the best ways to help is to spread the word about conservation, recycling, and reusing products and resources.

The key to conserving the rainforest lies in conserving or re-using the things that may not seem to be connected with the rainforest. For example, using cold water to clean dishes and clothing reduces the need for hot water, which decreases the need for the energy to heat that water. Using less energy is one of the most important tools in overall environmental conservation. Using a handheld screwdriver rather than a power driver or electric drill, opening cans with a handheld can opener rather than an electric can opener, and turning off water when not in use are all little ways to conserve energy and resources. These seemingly unimportant little things, when added together, can go a long way toward conserving the rainforest.


People who don't live in a part of the world where rainforests thrive may wonder what they can do to contribute to the efforts of those people conserving the rainforest. The best answer to that is to start at home and make a habit of conserving resources, recycling products, and finding other uses for things that are usually just thrown away. Starting a compost pile in the yard, pulling weeds by hand instead of using weed-killer, and planting shorter, dense shrubs near the foundation of a house to help with insulation against the cold are all useful conservation techniques. Recycling all paper products at the office, encouraging people to use scrap paper or to print on the back of paper when possible, and looking for ways to help an office go paperless are helpful as well.

Finally, one of the best things that anyone can do to help in conserving the rainforest is to use his or her voice and any other means to spread the message. Students can invite speakers from a local recycling community or from a conservation group like the Sierra Club. Just the simple act of joining a club or organization that works or funds efforts toward conserving the rainforest can make a difference. Learning about the current issues regarding conservation and recycling in a particular region or an area close to home is also helpful. Volunteering time to work on local rainforest conservation projects and getting involved in organized efforts to prevent worldwide deforestation or the displacement of people and species indigenous to the rainforest can help in conserving rainforests as well.


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