What Are the Best Tips for Conserving Natural Resources?

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Conserving natural resources often lets people save money and time too. For example, using energy-efficient bulbs can reduce a person’s monthly energy bill. People can also put effort into planting only flowers and trees native to the area, which usually survive without the help of sprinklers or a daily showering from a water hose. It is also possible to opt out of junk mail, which saves trees and can mean less stops from the mailman. Overall, the best tips for conserving natural resources involve actions that are easy to do and stick to but benefit people and the world as a whole.

Switching to energy-saving bulbs is one way of conserving energy, thereby conserving natural resources like coal and natural gas. In addition, these bulbs usually last longer than standard bulbs. The only downside is they must be disposed of properly and can be dangerous if shattered. Switching to energy-saving bulbs can be done in combination, with never leaving an unneeded house light on for maximum savings.

There are thousands of ways of conserving natural resources like water. One way is to plant grass, shrubbery, and flowers native to the area so homeowners do not have to water as often or at all. If foreign plants are a must-have, they should be watered in the morning or evening, when the sun is not at its brightest. This way, the ground gets a chance to absorb the water rather than evaporating into the air.


In addition, people can conserve water by using a water bucket to wash their cars instead of a water hose. If the car is especially dirty, the bucket can be dumped and refilled. Running a water hose for even a few minutes is usually more of a waste than filling a bucket. Another way of conserving natural resources when washing a car is to visit a car wash that cleans and reuses its water over and over again.

A lot of people find junk mail annoying, but many people do not know that stopping junk mail is easy. Some countries have official phone numbers or websites where people can opt out of receiving certain types of mail, like credit card offers. In addition, most junk mail has a phone number in the fine print that people can call to remove themselves from the mailing list. Calling the companies directly can take a while for someone who gets a lot of junk mail, and it usually takes several weeks for the company to stop sending mail. In the end, however, the person gets less mail, less trees are cut down for paper, and the mailman can save on fuel costs.


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