What Are the Best Tips for Combining Chicken and Cottage Cheese?

Brandon May

There are many ways to use chicken and cottage cheese together in a dish, whether using a whole chicken, chicken breast or shredded and roasted chicken. A combination of shredded chicken and cottage cheese, along with desired spices, can be used as a filling for recipes such as enchiladas or ravioli. Mixing together various herbs and spices with cottage cheese and raw spinach can make a filling for chicken breasts or be used as a spread for baked chicken. Also, cottage cheese can make a dressing for shredded chicken salad, replacing the usual mayonnaise called for in most chicken salad recipes.

A chicken.
A chicken.

The best tip for using chicken and cottage cheese together is to use them as a filling in recipes like enchiladas and ravioli. Many enchilada and ravioli dishes contain a filling made from sour cream or cream cheese, and cottage cheese can easily substitute for these ingredients, as it maintains a similarly creamy texture. It is important to add other ingredients like herbs and spices when using it as a filling though, as this helps enhance the flavor of the entire dish. Using half ricotta cheese and half cottage cheese may add a thick, rich texture to a chicken filling in a chicken ravioli recipe.

Cottage cheese, among other whole dairy foods, can be high in LDL cholesterol.
Cottage cheese, among other whole dairy foods, can be high in LDL cholesterol.

Making a pocket in chicken breasts by slightly splitting a breast with a sharp knife allows for the placement of filling. This filling is often made with a thick cream of some sort, like cottage cheese, and can include spinach, chives and other spices. The chicken and cottage cheese and other ingredients bake, and each flavor adds to a unique taste. Some herbs and spices that go well with a chicken and cottage cheese recipe are garlic, onion powder, rosemary, chives, salt and pepper.

Chicken breasts are a good source of lean protein.
Chicken breasts are a good source of lean protein.

Often a chef will bake chicken, whether it be chicken breast, drumstick or a whole bird, and include an aromatic and pleasing sauce or dressing for the dish. This sauce can be made from pureeing cottage cheese with a little broth or water, garlic, onion and salt, as well as any other desired spices. Using cottage cheese as a substitute for a mayonnaise dressing in a chicken salad is also a popular way to boost nutritional content and change the flavor of the recipe. Shredded chicken, combined with a little olive oil and celery, can easily be incorporated into a small amount of seasoned cottage cheese.

Chicken and cottage cheese can be used as a filling for enchiladas.
Chicken and cottage cheese can be used as a filling for enchiladas.

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I like chicken and cottage cheese in tacos and enchiladas. Sometimes I add salsa or baked beans to it, or cheddar cheese and eat it like a dip with tortilla chips. Yum!


I actually mix shredded chicken and cottage cheese as a post-workout snack. I need to get protein after my workouts to prevent muscle loss. I used to eat cottage cheese and tuna together, but I got tired of it. Now I usually eat cottage cheese with chicken.

Sometimes I put cottage cheese and shredded chicken on top of pasta or brown rice. I've also eaten it on top of salad before. It tastes good in all these different forms.


I like making casserole with chicken and cottage cheese. I just replace other cheeses in my chicken casserole recipe with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is low in fat and calories and rich in protein. When combined with chicken breast, it makes a very healthy and protein rich meal. Casserole is also a great way to get my kids to eat cottage cheese. They don't eat cottage cheese plain but love it in other dishes.

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