What are the Best Tips for Cleaning Floor Tile Grout?

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Some of the best tips for cleaning floor tile grout may be to use steam, oxygen bleach, and a stiff brush for scrubbing. Baking soda and vinegar might also be effective for cleaning grout. There are additionally many chemical-based cleaners on the market specifically designed for cleaning floor tile grout. Some people have success using chlorine bleach on their grout, but this is not typically recommended for colored grout because it could bleach away the color. Most experts advise testing a small area of grout with any new cleaning product before using it on the entire floor to be sure that it won't damage the grout.

It may be beneficial for a person to use a steam cleaner on his grout before attempting to scrub or clean it with a brush or by hand. The steam will usually help to loosen up dirt and debris that might otherwise be hard to scrub clean, thereby making it easier to remove completely when the actual scrubbing process begins. In some cases, a steam cleaner might be all that is needed for cleaning floor tile grout.


Many people use oxygen bleach for cleaning floor tile grout. Oxygen bleach typically comes in powder form, although there are some companies that sell it in liquid form. To use powdered oxygen bleach for cleaning floor tile grout, a small amount should be diluted in water and then allowed to soak on top of the dirty grout. After about 15 minutes of soaking in oxygen bleach, the surface of the grout may be wiped clean with a rag. For tough stains, a stiff brush may be needed to completely remove the dirt.

Stiff brushes are often very useful for cleaning floor tile grout. These brushes may be used in conjunction with almost any cleaning product to remove dirt and debris from grout. It is important for a person to choose a brush strong enough to clean the grout. The bristles should be stiff enough that they do not bend easily when a person touches them with her fingers. Brushes with metal bristles should typically be avoided because they might scratch the grout away.

If a person does not have oxygen bleach or grout cleaning products on hand, he may be able to use baking soda and vinegar to effectively clean his floor tile grout. Baking soda and vinegar are particularly powerful when mixed together because both are natural cleaning agents, and baking soda additionally works well for scrubbing grimy areas because of its abrasiveness. The fact that baking soda and vinegar are natural means there is no reason to be concerned about inhaling toxic fumes.

A person who decides to use chemical-based grout cleaning products or chlorine bleach for cleaning floor tile grout should be very careful to open doors and windows in the room she is cleaning. It is also important to be sure that no dangerous chemical reactions will result from using two different substances together. Chlorine bleach should normally not be used on colored grout because it might bleach away the color.


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