What are the Best Tips for Cleaning a Bathtub?

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The most important tip for cleaning a bathtub is to choose the right tools and cleaners for the job. Some bathtubs are made from porcelain, which can scratch very easily, so it is important to choose a non-abrasive cleaner and brush when cleaning such tubs. Before cleaning a bathtub, it may be a good idea to choose a brush or cleaning pad that is attached to the bottom of a long handle to prevent the person cleaning the tub from having to bend over while scrubbing the tub. This will make the process easier on the back and quicker to accomplish in general.

Another important tip for cleaning a bathtub is to ensure there is proper ventilation in the room when cleaning. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning a bathtub can be quite caustic and overpowering, and working in a room with poor ventilation can cause the person cleaning the tub to become lightheaded or nauseated. Open the door to the bathroom and, if possible, a window to allow for adequate ventilation during the cleaning process. If ventilation is not possible, the person cleaning the tub should consider wearing a breathing mask and even eye protection.


Soap scum is often the most difficult aspect of cleaning a bathtub because the soap scum hardens onto the bathtub surface and can be difficult to penetrate. The person doing the cleaning may need to purchase a cleaning product specifically designed to penetrate soap scum, and it is a good idea to let the product sit on the soap scum for ten minutes or more. Other products could cut through the soap scum, but it is likely that the product will need to sit on the tub surface for up to fifteen minutes or more. Soap scum is likely to require some scrubbing from an abrasive brush or scrubber to be completely removed.

Before applying any cleaning chemicals, it is important to clear out any soap and shampoo bottles to make the process quicker and easier and to avoid spraying caustic products onto the soap bottles. Once the tub is cleared out, wet down the surface of the tub thoroughly with warm water, then apply the cleaning products. Choose cleaning products that include a degreasing component to cut through body oils that will have accrued on the surface of the tub, and choose a cleaner with a scent that is not too overpowering. It is possible to dilute the cleaning solution with water to cut down on the scent and conserve the bottle of cleaner.


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