What are the Best Tips for Chrome Powder Coating?

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Chrome powder coating is known for being durable, attractive, and resistant to corrosion, but it needs to be applied correctly to work well. One of the first factors to remember is to make sure that the surface is clean and dry before application of chrome powder coating. In fact, sandblasting is often recommended to make sure the material is truly clean before applying any products to it. Additionally, using the tools to do this properly, such as a powder coating gun, can help achieve a smooth, even finish. In general, paying close attention to the preparation phase of the chrome powder coating process can usually lead to the best results.

Most people ensure that the surface is clean and bare before they paint a wall, and the same care should be applied to the chrome powder coating process. The surface needs to be clean of any oil, dirt, dust, or other material before applying any coating. This can be done through the use of metal wash, which can strip the metal of any contaminants so that the powder coating is applied smoothly. Of course, proper drying is also important, and the best method is typically blow drying since it will not leave behind residue. Finally, it is best to use vinyl gloves when handling the metal so that fingerprints do not get left behind during any part of the chrome powder coating process.


While cleaning with metal wash is often sufficient to get rid of contaminants on the surface, it may be necessary to go to extra lengths to get the metal spotless before chrome powder coating. Sandblasting can help ensure that the metal is truly bare so that the coating can be applied evenly. Otherwise, it may spread unevenly, ending up too thick in certain areas of the metal, and spread too thinly in others.

Another way to ensure uniformity of the coating is to use the necessary tools properly. For example, the powder coating handgun should be moved smoothly over the surface to make sure that the paint is the same thickness all around. If it is obvious that the coating is too thick in some areas, the voltage on the gun should be lowered, though the total spray time can also be reduced to make sure the coating is not too thick. Of course, the quality of the gun can also make a difference in the final result of the chrome powder coating process, which is important to consider before purchasing one.


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