What Are the Best Tips for Choosing an RV Shower?

Jeremy Laukkonen

The three main types of showers typically found in recreational vehicles (RVs) are integrated bathroom units, pan and cubicle showers, and larger residential style designs. Most compact types are integrated units that use the entire bathroom as an RV shower space. These are typically the best choice for people that are trying to save space in a small RV. Most RV showers consist of a pan and wraparound cubicle, and offer a wide range of choices due to the variety of designs. If luxury is the main concern, large, heavy units that are very similar to home showers may be the best choice.

An RV.
An RV.

RV showers typically are not easy to remove, modify heavily, or upgrade, so it can be important to choose the right one when buying a new camper, trailer, or motorhome. The available choices are typically limited based on the type of RV, but there is usually some room to choose a configuration that works best for each buyer. Some factors that should be considered when choosing an RV shower are the size, configuration, and convenience.

RV showers are not easy to remove or upgrade, so it's important to choose a good one.
RV showers are not easy to remove or upgrade, so it's important to choose a good one.

When buying a camper or a very small travel trailer, one of the biggest concerns is often space. In this case, an integrated RV shower is often the best choice. These units do not have a separate cubicle for the shower. The entire bathroom is waterproofed instead, and a drain is placed in the floor. These small bathrooms can be difficult to maneuver in for excessively tall or elderly people, so that typically has to be weighed against the space savings.

The most common RV showers use a separate cubicle that is either in the bathroom or another location. These designs typically have a shower pan and a plastic or fiberglass cubicle with a curtain or door to contain the water. This is the best RV shower choice for most people because the shower pan and cubicle tend to be relatively light. These showers can be purchased in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Another option that may be the best RV shower for some people is sometimes referred to as a split bathroom. This RV design places the toilet and vanity on one side of the RV and the shower on the other. These often use a traditional shower pan and cubicle design, but splitting the bathroom can allow for a much larger shower. In some cases it is even possible to find an RV bathtub, though these units are often much smaller than those found in homes.

When luxury and comfort are more of an issue than cost and weight, larger residential style showers and bathtubs are another option. These units are often found in high end travel trailers, park models, and diesel pusher motorhomes. The size and weight of these RV showers can prevent them from being installed in smaller units, though the space and comfort they offer can make them the best choice for some people.

A Class A RV.
A Class A RV.

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