What Are the Best Tips for Choosing a Button Making Machine?

Tara Barnett

Choosing a button making machine involves looking at available machines and determining which best fits one's needs. The mechanism by which buttons are made is usually quite straightforward, and the best tip for choosing a button making machine is to pick one that is unlikely to break and fits conveniently where it is needed. A person must typically choose the size of the button he will make in advance, although there are machines with changeable parts that will allow for multiple sizes. Depending on the reasons a person needs the button maker, purchasing a machine that includes additional cutting parts and button making supplies may be the best option.

A person sewing a button on a garment.
A person sewing a button on a garment.

Usually, a button making machine is a type of press that sandwiches together different elements into a complete button. To this end, it is usually not necessary to buy an automated button press, as doing so will save little time when someone must put together the different pieces of the button individually. For factory applications, an automatic button making machine can be useful, but for individual crafters, this is almost never necessary.

Mother of pearl buttons.
Mother of pearl buttons.

One good tip to keep in mind when choosing a button making machine for making buttons that will be sold is that it is often easier to get people to buy smaller buttons than larger ones. Small buttons are usually inexpensive and may be sold in small dishes by cashier counters. This makes them very appealing as impulse buys, and the profits from selling buttons this way can be large. If someone can afford only one button machine, then choosing a small one can be a good idea until that person builds up income.

Most button making machines are of similar quality, but some are known to break more than others. Looking at reviews of these machines and doing research before making a purchase can be a good way to avoid disappointment. Even if the button maker itself is difficult to break, if the supplies that come with the machine are of poor quality it may be a good idea to choose a different one. Replacing the elements that cut the buttons can be expensive, sometimes even more so than buying a new machine.

One of the best tips for choosing a button making machine is to make sure that a heavy duty machine is actually needed before buying one. When making only a few buttons for an isolated event, it may make more sense to borrow or rent a machine. A great solution to this problem is to buy an inexpensive child's button maker and put up with the reduced functionality of the machine while making a few buttons. By investing a little time, a person can save money and still make the same product.

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