What are the Best Tips for Buying Exotic Pets Online?

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Buying exotic pets online may come with many risks. It is essential to do much research and find a reputable dealer. It is also important to be sure not to purchase exotic pets that are illegal to possess. Some disreputable dealers may offer seemingly good deals, but these may not be legal animals to possess.

Before purchasing exotic pets online, it's a good idea to research the species that is being considered. Care, housing, and feeding requirements could dictate which species to buy. Some online dealers may offer specific animals for sale, such as reptiles or birds.

Finding a reputable dealer or breeder of exotic pets online should involve contacting the dealer directly. If a dealer's website does not offer a telephone number for inquiries, this company should be avoided. Email correspondence is generally not the best method of doing business.

Inquire from the breeder or dealer, when buying exotic pets online, how the animals are cared for. This may include their diet and housing. Instructions for care once the animal arrives are essential. When buying exotic pets online, it should be remembered that certain species should never be kept as house pets. A website offering tiger or bear cubs for sale could be considered disreputable.


When buying exotic pets online, it's always best to pick up the pet in person. Having an animal shipped could present risks and may not be in the animal's best interest. There are exceptions, but if shipping can be avoided, it's best to do so. If there is no alternative than to have the animal shipped, it is important to inquire about how the animal will be shipped and in what conditions it will be held. Some breeders ship their exotic pets to be picked up at the cargo office at the airport.

Payment options are a major consideration when purchasing exotic pets online. Many dealers and breeders offer payment plans. Some require a deposit, with an option to make several payments over a course of a few weeks. Typically, the pet will be shipped or picked up after the final payment has been made. Before making payments, however, the buyer should inquire about guarantees.

A purchase of any exotic pet should come with a health guarantee. It's not a good idea to buy exotic pets online without that stipulation. A one-year health guarantee is preferred.


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