What are the Best Tips for Buying a Mobile Home?

Sheri Cyprus

The best tips for buying a mobile home include deciding on where to locate it as well as whether a new or used one would be more suitable. Especially when a used model is chosen, it's important to thoroughly inspect the mobile home. Easily fixable cosmetic flaws should be overlooked, while any sign of water damage, rust or a weak floor should be taken seriously and carefully with the repair costs weighed against the home's price. Another important tip when buying a mobile home is to keep notes on each one viewed. Also, decide which features are necessary and what can be optional.

Mobile homes should be inspected before buying them.
Mobile homes should be inspected before buying them.

For some home buyers, the number of bedrooms are optional, while others require a set amount. Most mobile homes are one, two or three bedroom models. A good tip for buying a mobile home is to be flexible in terms of other space if a bigger living room is preferred. In mobile homes, either the bedrooms or the living area is more spacious; having both in the same model is rare. The mobile home buyer should determine which option would best fit his or her household.

When buying a mobile home, it is important to consider the condition of the unit, particularly if it's a used model.
When buying a mobile home, it is important to consider the condition of the unit, particularly if it's a used model.

Noticing the details when buying a mobile home, especially one that's not brand new, is important to get good value. The roof condition should be checked; many mobile homes have metal roofs that tend to rust. These should be repaired or replaced. Checking the vents on the rooftop is also crucial to make sure these aren't leaking, or water damage may result in the home's interior. Inside the home, look for ceiling stains that may indicate water damage. Freshly painted mobile home ceiling panels may also be covering signs of a moisture problem.

Floors that seem to bend slightly when being walked on could signal weak or rotting floorboards. The prospective buyers of a mobile home shouldn't forget to have the underneath of it inspected to make sure the foundation and floorboards are solid, or at least easily repairable. The exterior siding should also be examined for tears or stains before buying a mobile home. If the mobile home is a used one, the asking price should be in line with its age. Unlike apartments and houses, mobile homes depreciate in their worth over time.

People who choose to buy a used mobile home may need to do so because of their budget needs. Interest on loans may be higher on loans for those buying a mobile home that's used rather than new. If new, the mobile home should have a warranty. New or used, having a suitable place to move it is crucial. If he or she owns the land, there won't be a pad rental charge to pay. If the mobile home will be located in a rental park, the monthly fee for pad rent will vary widely. Before buying a mobile home, it's always best to consider the location options available.

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