What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Crossover SUV?

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A crossover SUV is often a smart choice because it possesses the off road capabilities of a normal SUV, but also has some of the comfort features of a passenger vehicle. This combination makes it extremely versatile and capable of meeting the diverse needs of many people. When choosing a crossover SUV, there are four main things to keep in mind. These include the engine size, seating options, front wheel or all wheel drive and the price.

Deciding on an engine size will ultimately depend on a person's hauling needs and desired miles per gallon. If an individual plans on consistently hauling lots of heavy items or towing, then it's usually best to select a crossover SUV with a large engine. This will ensure that the vehicle has plenty of "get up and go" and will make it easier to safely transport the necessary items. If hauling isn't a priority and fuel efficiency is a bigger concern, then choosing a smaller engine is typically one's best option. In fact, many crossovers with smaller engines are capable of getting roughly 26 to 30 miles per gallon (11.05 to 12.75 km/L) on the highway.


Seating options are another detail that needs to be considered when making a choice. This will basically depend upon the preference for storage or seating capabilities. If one has significant storage needs, then it's best to choose a vehicle with two row seating. Only having two rows leaves room for more items to be stored during transport. If maximum seating is needed, then choosing three row seating will be the ideal option because it creates plenty of room for multiple passengers.

Another aspect of a crossover SUV to think about is front wheel or all wheel drive. Front wheel drive usually works for people who don't plan on hauling much cargo, and live in warmer climates without significant snow or ice. By contrast, an all wheel drive vehicle is often necessary for people with significant hauling needs or that live in colder climates.

The price is an additional factor that definitely needs to be addressed when choosing a crossover SUV. Prices can differ dramatically, so it's important to have a maximum price in mind before looking at any vehicles. Crossovers with minimal extra features and simple design are usually much less expensive than ones with extra gadgets and features. The driver should also consider whether he wants a new SUV or if a used one will suffice.


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Post 3

I have driven them all - cars, minivans, suvs, trucks, crossovers and motorcycles! Each one has good and bad and everything in the middle. If it wasn't for the price of fuel, I would still be driving an suv vehicle. It was built on a truck frame and was so comfortable to ride in, but filling up the tank just about killed me.

After that I went to a crossover which I do like, but it doesn't sit up as high and I miss that. Every time I stop at a gas station though, I am reminded why I made the switch!

Post 2

When our kids were growing up I always drove a minivan. They have made a lot of improvements in them over the last few years. One thing I wished they had when I was driving them is the automatic doors that open on both sides - perfect for a family with several kids!

With so many great features that are standard anymore, gas mileage really is a big factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Minivans don't usually get as good of mileage as a car, but are usually easier on the pocketbook than SUVs.

Post 1

I really enjoy driving crossover suvs. I have had a couple of them, and will probably go with a crossover for my next vehicle too. There are so many features you have to choose from. I have always preferred sitting up higher when I am driving. After driving a crossover, a car feels like you are dragging on the ground.

They don't get as good of gas mileage as a car does, so that is one thing to consider. I enjoy all the options you have with seating and the power switches for the rear seats is a life saver.

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