What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Ball Python?

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When a person is in the market for buying a ball python, there are many tips he can consider. Among the best are those that involve making sure he is prepared to care for it properly and looking for a veterinarian before taking a snake home. Other good tips involve examining a snake to make sure it is healthy before buying. Additionally, some people recommend purchasing a ball python from a breeder rather than a pet store, asserting that those that one can buy from a breeder are more likely to be healthy and cared for properly.

One of the most important things to do when trying to buy a ball python is to find a veterinarian before taking the snake home. It is in owner's best interest and that of the pet snake's to choose one who has experience diagnosing and treating illnesses in reptiles. As with other animals, snakes can become ill, and death may occur if they do not receive the proper treatment for their illnesses. As such, a good veterinarian can dramatically improve the chances that the pet owner will get to enjoy his new pet for many years.


Another good tip for buying a ball python involves making sure one is prepared to care for it properly after purchase. Often, people buy reptile pets expecting them to require little care and little expense over their lifetimes. Unfortunately, this is often the opposite of the reality of owning a ball python or any other reptile. A ball python needs a properly prepared habitat, and some of the equipment required for this can prove expensive, as can the required maintenance. Likewise, the snake will need regular feedings and veterinary care on an as-needed basis.

Many tips for buying a ball python center around choosing a snake that is healthy. A buyer is often advised to closely examine a snake before he buys it and make sure it doesn't have any worrisome extremes in its appearance. For example, a snake that seems overly fat or overly thin may not prove as healthy as desired. Likewise, snake buyers are often advised to look for breaks in the snake's skin and avoid those that have this problem. Additionally, snakes should be shiny rather than dull.

Often, tips for buying a ball python also focus on where a person should buy one. Many snake experts recommend buying from a breeder rather than a pet store. This is due to the fact that pets are often kept in less-than-ideal conditions in pet stores and may be more likely to become diseased than snakes that are carefully bred and maintained.


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