What Are the Best Tips for Bonding Hair Extensions?

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Bonding hair extensions involves a method of making hair thicker or longer. Begin by washing and completely drying the hair before placing sections in braids and ponytails. Apply wefted hair to parted hair and use bonding glue to hold everything in place. Never allow the glue to touch the scalp, and carefully use a blow dryer to finish the procedure. Using the dryer for too long will burn the scalp, and applying a conditioner when washing the hair weakens the bonding glue.

The first tip for bonding hair extensions is to wash the hair thoroughly with with shampoo before rinsing. Allow it to dry completely. Ensure that the hairstyle chosen is the desired one. Bonding hair extensions involves parting the hair along its natural line at the back of the head.

Braid the section of hair created by the hair parting and move it to one side. This is to make sure it does not get in the way. Create a second hair parting but make it horizontal. Place the hair that is created in a ponytail, and once again move it to one side.


Cut the hair wefts so that they fit along the horizontal hair parting. Ensure that these wefts are shorter than the real hair so that their ends do not appear. Place a tiny amount of bonding glue on the hair wefts' edges. Wait until it becomes somewhat tacky but do not allow it to dry before continuing with the bonding hair extensions procedure.

Apply the weft of hair to the parted hair, making sure that it is close to the scalp without actually touching it. When it comes to bonding hair extensions, allowing the glue to touch the scalp is dangerous. It is difficult to remove the glue without causing pain and loss of hair.

Blow dry the glued hair for about half a minute. The heat from the dryer will bond the hair. Take out the ponytail and create a new part which is to be placed above the old one. Place any remaining hair in a ponytail and make sure it is out of the way. Continue repeating the process of gluing the wefts and bonding them together until the desired number of hair layers have been added.

When bonding hair extensions, avoid conditioner either before or after the process when washing the hair. It will weaken the agent that bonds the hair together. Do not use the dryer for too long when bonding hair extensions either. Overuse will badly burn the scalp. Once six weeks have passed, remove the hair extensions.


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