What Are the Best Tips for Beach Cottage Decorating?

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A well-decorated beach cottage can feel like a relaxing sanctuary or a high-energy escape from the everyday. Just a few beach cottage decorating tips can help those with a sea or lakeside home transform their property into a space that fits their vacation style. First of all, to allow for maximum relaxation, it is important to choose furnishings and decorative accents that can be easily cleaned. Also important to beach cottage decorating are choosing color schemes and motifs that fit the mood the homeowner wishes to create. Finally, it is important to create rooms or areas within the cottage that suit its intended use.

Most people intend their beach cottage to be a place to have fun and relax. In order to prevent stray sand and mud from ruining the fun, a key beach cottage decorating tip is to strategically pick furniture and decorative elements that can be easily cleaned. For instance, removable rugs may be a better flooring option than wall-to-wall carpeting. Choosing wall paints in semi-gloss, satin, or eggshell finishes can make it easy to wash away scuffs and hand prints. It is also advisable to select furniture with coverings that can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine as needed.


Choosing color schemes is another important part of beach cottage decorating. When deciding on colors, it is useful to consider what kind of mood the cottage will ideally evoke. A palette consisting of whites, neutrals, and pastels can create a breezy, comfortable, yet sophisticated feeling. Those who would prefer a cottage with a funky island vibe might consider bright, sea-inspired shades such as turquoise and green.

For many, beach cottage decorating also involves choosing a decorative theme which runs through one or more of the cottage’s rooms. A nautical theme is a popular choice for cottages, and can be executed with details such as map-print wallpaper and model ships. Some cottage owners look to the beach for inspiration, and decorate with items like sand dollars and driftwood. Others strive for a Caribbean atmosphere by choosing items like louvered doors and palm frond-print upholstery.

Finally, an important part of beach cottage decorating is thinking about how one wants the cottage to be used, and then designing rooms or areas which suit those uses. A cottage owner who wants her living room to serve as a cozy reading retreat, for instance, might consider installing bookcases and a comfortable window seat. For a cottage that will function as a fun gathering place, on the other hand, the owner might focus on such details as an outdoor bar or firepit.


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