What are the Best Tips for Bathrooom Tile Design?

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The wide variety of ceramic and stone products available makes bathroom tile design an artistic adventure. The ability to create a unique and personalized design has never been better, because the patterns, styles, colors and textures are virtually unlimited. One of the best tips for starting the project is viewing the pictures, ideas and galleries of bathroom tile design online or in books or other publications. Home improvement stores offer a variety of displays and rows of tile from which to choose. Other useful tips include choosing simple, timeless designs and using neutral colors.

Visualizing the finished bathroom might be difficult for some homeowners. Exploring pictures and displays of finished bathrooms might be the best tip for bathroom tile design. The size of the bathroom is a key element in selecting tiles, patterns and designs. Designs that look good in a large bathroom might not work out in a small bathroom. Simplicity of design can make a small bathroom appear larger.

Large spaces are more appropriate for decorative borders, focal points and contrasting tiles. Small bathrooms tend to look cluttered when too many special effects are added. Over-decorating a small room might lead to what is called the "gingerbread effect," which is named after highly decorated gingerbread houses. Extraordinary tile effects can be created using neutral tiles with muted patterns. Neutral bathrooms tend to take on the tone of the accessories such as towels and rugs.


The advantage of neutral tile and stone selection is the ability for one to change the tone or color effect at will. When one grows tired of a blue-and-green color scheme, switching to yellow and purple can be as simple as buying new towels and rugs. This flexibility might not be possible using bold and colorful tiles in the bathroom tile design. Even when designing a large bathroom, unique patterns and designs can be created without the use of bold and colorful tiles.

Depending on the frequency of bathroom remodeling, a bathroom tile design might be around for a very long time. Styles that are popular today might be out of style by the next year. Timeless designs are possible through the use of neutral products. Another advantage to neutral designs is the resale value of the home. The next owner might not be interested in a red-and-black bathroom with pinstripes, for example.

Creating a bathroom with timeless beauty does not have to be boring. Neutral tiles, borders and accent tiles are available in a wide range of textures and finishes. A matching tile grout is generally more appealing than a contrasting grout. Avoiding contrast altogether will make the room look larger and cleaner. Keeping the walls and floor timeless will provide a look that is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.


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