What Are the Best Tips for Balcony Repair?

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Homeowners will need to maintain the property in various ways, and some of the maintenance techniques can be broken down by the type of structure or fixture being repaired. Balcony repair takes place on the structure that protrudes from the face of a building, and the types of repairs that will be necessary will often depend on what type of balcony exists on the structure. A cantilever balcony, for example, may need balcony repair that extends inward into the structure of the building itself, since the base of the balcony will be built into the structural beams of the building.

Other types of balconies may require repairs to posts or columns, or even supporting structures known as plinths. If the balcony is made from wood, the wood can rot or crack over time, requiring replacement or other types of repairs. Metal can also rot or rust over time, which may mean the entire balcony structure may need replacing. Balcony repair that addresses the structural support of the space tends to be more labor-intensive and costly, and it may be necessary to consult a professional if the damage is extensive.


Sometimes basic balcony repair may be necessary without addressing the structural support of the feature. Some wood balconies, for example, may need to be treated with waterproofing chemicals periodically to prevent rot and, in some cases, improve the look of the structure. Stains can also be applied to accomplish this protection and aesthetic improvement. Over time, screws and nails can work loose from floorboards or railings, so they may need to be pulled up and replaced with new hardware. Rusted screws and nails may also need to be replaced; using galvanized screws, nails, hinges, and other hardware will help prevent rusting or corrosion in the future.

Caulking and brick work may be necessary to conduct more extensive balcony repair. Caulking helps prevent leaks between two surfaces, such as the balcony floor and the wall, thereby preventing water flow to the levels of the building beneath the balcony. Some enclosed balconies may feature windows, and the caulking around the windows can be replaced periodically to improve waterproof capabilities as well as insulation. Brickwork will need to be done if cracks develop in a brick balcony. This can be a difficult repair procedure, and it may be necessary to hire a professional unless the homeowner has specific experience with masonry.


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