What are the Best Tips for Baking Cheese Tarts?

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Whether savory or sweet cheese tarts, several tips, such as cheese selection guidance, can help ensure that they are tasty. Choosing the right type of pastry shell or puff pastry is key in preparing cheese tarts. Following the cheese tart recipe is also important in ensuring that the resulting tart is well made and delicious.

When cooking savory cheese tarts, adding a zesty or surprise flavor element can help make the appetizer something to remember. The addition of a colorful, tasty sauce, such as pesto, can add dimension and flavor to the tarts. Cayenne pepper can be folded in for a spicy kick, while garlic and oregano will yield an Italian taste in a savory tart recipe. For an added texture, vegetables like tomatoes can be added.

Many different cheeses can be used to make savory tarts. Goat cheese is a popular choice for tart making. Gruyere cheese is a favorite tart ingredient, especially when used for an hors d'Ĺ“uvre prior to an elegant meal. Jack or mozzarella cheeses are popular choices for more casual fares used at mealtime or for snacking.


Tarts can also be prepared with phyllo dough shells, which can be purchased according to the small size needed. Though homemade pastry dough can be used, it is typically not necessary in preparing these tarts; the correct size and texture is more important. While thicker doughs may be better for an appetizer tart, sweet tarts are often tastier with thinner pastry bases.

Sweet dessert cheese tarts can be made with cream cheese, ricotta cheese, or any other sweet cheese the cook enjoys. Rather than adding a vegetable element, sweet cheese tarts can be given a full-bodied flavor by adding in choice fruits, such as cherries. Any ripe, juicy berries would add a delicious texture and flavor to sweet tarts.

Vanilla extract or other flavorings, such as vanilla sugar or cinnamon, can be used to prepare sweeter cheese tarts if desired. Sweet tarts should generally include some amount of sugar. A sweeter crust medium, such as vanilla wafers or honey graham crackers, can also be employed for another layer of flavor.

Using cupcake liners is a good tip to follow when preparing cheese tarts. This will help ensure that the tarts are fully formed in the shape desired. It will also help in cleanly removing the fully finished tarts from the cupcake tin, retaining their shape, and minimizing the mess in the tin itself.


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