What are the Best Tips for Baby Photography?

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While most people find babies to be cute, and adults frequently find adorable outfits and interesting situations in which to photograph them, they can be notoriously hard to catch, or click, at the right time. In moments, an infant can go from smiling in her beautiful new dress, bonnet, and booties to squalling and kicking her legs in obvious anger and frustration. Finding the time when the baby is at his or her happiest is one of the most important things to consider in baby photography. Make sure the camera is available for candid moments, and get down on the baby's level to capture unique shots.

While it is hard to predict when a baby will be in the best mood for picture taking, it is a good idea to keep a careful record of when the baby is at its happiest time each day and most likely to give a smile, giggle, or even a funny face. For example, some babies might feel happiest and most likely to smile right after having a soothing bath; others are given to smiles following their naps. Some might even be most content after eating, though some babies are sleepy and cranky if bothered at this point. The key is to figure out when the baby is most smile-prone and aim for that time of the day.


Another of the best baby photography tips is to keep the camera handy at all times. Some of the best baby photography moments are not planned. Having the camera within easy reach is a good way to avoid missing all those funny, cute, and even yucky moments. It may be good to keep a camera in the pouch of a diaper bag or in a room in which baby spends much of her day.

It's a good idea to get down on the baby's level. This can provide the eager photographer with adorable, interesting shots that make photo viewers feel as if they are right there with the baby. It is a good idea to kneel down next to or in front of baby or even lie down on the floor next to her. If the baby is beginning to crawl or hoist herself up on her arms, this position can provide some don't-miss shots as well.

Consider the color and tone of the photos as well. Color photos can be great, but black and white photography can add a softening touch to pictures. It can also be good for making so-called flaws, like scratches and skin discolorations, less noticeable. Baby photography can also be given a twist by using filters and image manipulation; adding a sepia tone, for example, can give the photo a vintage feel.


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