What Are the Best Tips for Automotive Marketing?

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Marketing encompasses all the communications, promotions and advertising activity used to present a product or service to potential customers. Automotive marketing refers to marketing activity conducted by a company in the automotive industry. Tips for effective automotive marketing include leveraging social media; creating campaigns that sell benefits rather than features; and creating effective, believable ads.

Social media marketing can be a powerful component of automotive marketing. It provides an easy way for customers and potential customers to interact with a dealership or manufacturer. It also allows the company an easy, low-cost way to deliver information to a large number of people at the same time. Individuals must opt in to be a part of a social media network, which indicates that they already have a certain level of interest in the company. This provides an advantage over traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail and print media advertising.

Another important aspect of automotive marketing is to develop ads and sales pitches that communicate a car's benefits rather than its features. For example, a potential customer is more likely to be influenced by the concept of providing safety for her family than the fact that a particular car has anti-lock breaks. Leather seats can translate into luxury or into ease of cleaning, depending on the customer's needs. Addressing those emotional needs and desires is likely to be more effective than simply pointing out features.


For automotive marketing to be successful, the overall look and feel of a company's ads, communications and campaigns should be consistent. This means that well-known logos and symbols should be used, but it also means that fonts and other graphic elements should be similar between pieces. Language, such as taglines or slogans, can also help create brand recognition, which leads to more impactful marketing materials.

Advertisements should be both attractive and believable as well. They should also fit with the impression the company wishes to create. For example, a used car dealer whose primary selling point is low prices will want to ensure that proof of low prices is prominently displayed within its ads. A luxury car manufacturer, on the other hand, will want to de-emphasize price and focus on the comfort, style and exclusivity of the brand.

While both are valid approaches, reversing them would not be effective. Luxury car buyers, for instance, likely would be turned off by low prices displayed in large type. Price shoppers, on the other hand, would perceive that they could not afford a car presented to be an exclusive model.


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